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Invisible Touch Tour

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Associated album  Invisible Touch
End date  4 July 1987
No. of shows  112
Start date  18 September 1986
Legs  7

The Invisible Touch Tour was a worldwide concert tour by the English rock band Genesis. The tour began on 18 September 1986 in Detroit and ended on 4 July 1987 in London. London dates at Wembley Stadium were filmed for a video release entitled Genesis Live at Wembley Stadium.



Whilst the setlist varied, this is a representation of the average setlist from this tour.

  1. "Mama"
  2. "Abacab"
  3. "Land of Confusion"
  4. "That's All"
  5. "Domino (Part 1: In the Glow of the Night – Part 2: The Last Domino)"
  6. "In Too Deep"
  7. "The Brazilian"
  8. "Follow You Follow Me"
  9. "Tonight, Tonight, Tonight"
  10. "Home by the Sea"/"Second Home by the Sea"
  11. "Throwing It All Away"
  12. "In the Cage"*+/"...In That Quiet Earth"*/"Supper's Ready" ("Apocalypse in 9/8" and "As Sure As Eggs Is Eggs" sections)*
  13. "Invisible Touch"
  14. "Drum Duet"/"Los Endos"*+
  15. "Turn It On Again (Medley)"*

Every song from the Invisible Touch album was performed throughout the tour except for "Anything She Does"; however the song's promotional video was used to introduce the band at the beginning of each show on the tour. On the Australian leg, "Your Own Special Way" was performed for the first time since 1977. The 1987 U.S. and European legs of the tour saw the "Supper's Ready" section of the "In the Cage" medley dropped in favour of "Afterglow"*+. "In Too Deep" and "Follow You Follow Me" were dropped from set.

New songs "Throwing It All Away", and "Land of Confusion" contained several high notes that were vocally challenging for Collins to perform every night. To prevent potential damage to his voice, the songs were performed in a lower key from their original studio recordings as a safety measure after the initial North American leg of the tour. To this end however, the song "Invisible Touch" was placed in the set directly after the vocal stretching "Apocalypse in 9/8" and was never performed live in its original key of F on this or any tour thereafter.

Tour band

  • Phil Collins – drums, electronic percussion, lead vocals
  • Tony Banks – keyboards, moog taurus
  • Mike Rutherford – lead guitar, bass guitar+, bass pedals, backing vocals
  • Additional Musicians

  • Daryl Stuermer – bass guitar, guitar*, backing vocals
  • Chester Thompson – drums
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