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Introducing...the Best Of

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Released  2009
Length  1:00:00
Artist  Montt Mardié
Label  Ruffa Lane Records
Recorded  2005–2009
Introducing...the Best Of 2009  Skaizerkite 2009
Release date  2009
Genre  Indie pop
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Introducing...the Best of is the first compilation album and first UK release from Swedish musician Montt Mardié. The album comprises 2 new tracks, 6 re-recorded tracks from his debut album Drama and nine tracks from Clocks/Pretender.


Track listing

  1. "Modesty Blaise"
  2. "Set Sail Tomorrow"
  3. "Names Not Forgotten"
  4. "How I Won The War"
  5. "Huckleberry Friend"
  6. "1969"
  7. "Prom Night"
  8. "Smile Charlie"
  9. "Too Many Songs Unwritten"
  10. "Travellers"
  11. "Paddy (You won't get what you deserve)"
  12. "Birthday Boy"
  13. "How To Kill A Mockingbird"
  14. "Pretenders"
  15. "The Windmill Turns All The Same"
  16. "Castle In The Sky"
  17. "Phone Call Drama"


1Modesty Blaise3:36
2Set Sail Tomorrow3:10
3Names Not Forgotten3:58


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