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Inspectorate General of Military Training

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The Inspectorate General of Military Training (教育総監部, Kyoiku sokanbu) was responsible for all non-military aviation training of the Imperial Japanese Army. It was headed by an Inspector general who was responsible for overseeing technical and tactical training, and who reported directly to the Emperor of Japan via the Imperial General Headquarters rather than to the Army Minister or the Chief of the Imperial Japanese Army General Staff Office. The position of Inspector-General of Military Training was thus the third most powerful position within the Japanese Army.



The office of Inspectorate General of Military Training was established 20 January 1898, to provide a unified command for the Imperial Japanese Army Academy, and the various specialized weaponry and technical training schools, and the military preparatory schools located in various locations around the country. It also had broad powers of oversight over Army logistics, transportation, and support issues. Due to its political power, the post was highly sought after by Army senior leadership, and a factional dispute over succession was one of the triggering factors of the February 26 Incident. The post was abolished with the dissolution of the Imperial Japanese Army after the surrender of Japan at the end of World War II.


  • Headquarters
  • Section 1. General Affairs (Personnel, Accounting, etc.)
  • Section 2. General Training
  • Section 3. Research and Training Regulations
  • Section 4. Special Schools
  • Artillery
  • Military engineering
  • Transport
  • Cavalry (and Reconnaissance)
  • Chemical Warfare (from 1941)
  • Communications (from 1941)
  • Anti-Aircraft Artillery (from 1941)
  • Also from 1941, a 2nd Bureau was added to the organizational structure, to specialize in armored car training. However, military aviation always remained outside the jurisdiction of the Inspectorate.


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