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Inspector Vikram

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Country  India
Director  Dinesh Baboo
Language  Kannada
Inspector Vikram movie poster

Inspector Vikram (Kannada: ಇನ್ಸ್ಪೆಕ್ಟರ್ ವಿಕ್ರಮ್) is a 1989 Kannada police comedy drama film directed by Dinesh Baboo. The film features Hatrick Hero Shivarajkumar and Kavya in the lead roles. The movie, being one of the earliest films of the veteran actor Shivrajkumar was released in 1989. The music for the movie was composed by Vijay Anand.


Inspector Vikram movie scenes Inspector Vikram Movie Best Scene Aparna Shivarajkumar


Inspector Vikram movie scenes Inspector Vikram Movie Best Scene Shivarajkumar

Vikram (Shivarajkumar), also known as Inspector Vikram, is a happy go lucky cop, who has no problem getting himself into trouble with his superiors, especially the police commissioner (K. S. Ashwath). Although accepted as a brilliant mind with a sharp intellect to solve crimes, he is often chided for his immature, if not casanova like personality. Much of misadventures, though leading to the solving of the crime, put Vikram and the police commissioner, who is also his father's best friend, at opposite ends of the table. During the course of the movie, Vikram courts many brickbats and transfers in his career. He serves in the traffic as well as the law and order departments. However, when an inmate Raja (Chi Guru Dutt) escapes from prison, Vikram is called back in to track him down. It is shown that Vikram and Raja have a history. In fact, it was Vikram who jailed Raja when he was caught assaulting his employer.

Inspector Vikram movie scenes Inspector Vikram Movie Best Scene Chi Guru Dutt Aparna

In the meantime, to ensure that Vikram does his job, the police commissioner entrusts Sundar Krishna Urs, a retired colonel in the army, to discipline Vikram. Despite the colonel's attempts to discipline Vikram, Vikram's attempts to fight that change is captured well in all its hilarity. It is also shown that the colonel's daughter and Vikram soon develop a romantic relationship with each other.

Inspector Vikram movie scenes Inspector Vikram Movie Best Scene Shivarajkumar Chi Guru Dutt

With Raja on the large, and with no clue helping Vikram to nab him, Vikram decides to delve into Raja's life. He learns that Raja was in fact an honest man, and it was his employer who set him up for assault and got him arrested. He also meets his wife, who with her ailing daughter moves Vikram's heart with their life story. Nevertheless, with the responsibility of apprehending Raja on his shoulders, Vikram meticulously retraces every step Raja has taken before his escape, and realizes that Raja had this so well planned that it would take years before anyone else got to him.

Meanwhile, Vikram's girlfriend, a dance student goes on a dance tour across Karantaka. Vikram hot on the heels of Raja soon learns that Raja's wife is also travelling with his girlfriend. He gets to know that Raja and his wife are meeting at a pre discussed point and are planning to travel to Mumbai from there.

Vikram clandestinely follows Raja's wife and soon ends up nabbing Raja. However, when Raja, seeing his opportunity to help his ailing daughter disappear, breaksdown in anguish, it moves Vikram. Vikram, now caught in a moral dilemme, agrees to let Raja escape, saying that his life won't change much even if he arrests him. Raja offers his gratitude and escapes with his wife and kid. Whereas Vikram joins his girlfriend and they drive away into the sunset.


  • Shivarajkumar as Vikram or Inspector Vikram
  • Chi Guru Dutt as Raja
  • K. S. Ashwath as Police Commissioner
  • Kavya
  • Aparna
  • Avinash
  • Soundtrack

    The soundtrack for the film was composed by Vijay Anand.


    The movie has received mixed to positive reviews. Dinesh Baboo's efforts to induce an element of freshness and recklessness in an other serious cop role was well received.

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