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Inomjon Usmonxo‘jayev

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Preceded by  Sharof Rashidov
Nationality  Soviet
Name  Inomjon Usmonxo‘jayev
Succeeded by  Rafiq Nishonov
Political party  Communist Party
Inomjon Usmonxo‘jayev
Born  21 May 1930 (age 85) Fergana, Soviet Union (now Uzbekistan) (1930-05-21)

Inomjon Buzrukovich Usmonxo‘jayev (in Cyrillic Uzbek: Иномжон Бузрукович Усмонхўжаев ; in Russian: Инамджан Бузрукович Усманходжаев Inamdzhan Buzrukovich Usmankhodzhayev) (born 21 May 1930) served as the eleventh General Secretary of the Communist Party of the Uzbek SSR. Usmonxo‘jayev became General Secretary following the disastrous "Cotton Scandal".


The Cotton Scandal

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Usmonxo‘jayev succeeded Sharof Rashidov, who had been General Secretary since the 1950s. As orders from Moscow to grow more and more and more cotton spiraled in, the Uzbek government had respond by reporting miraculous growth in land irrigated and harvested, and record improvements in production and efficiency. Today it would seem that most of these records were falsified. Falsification of the results involved many officials in both Central Soviet Government in Moscow and Uzbekistan. In 1986, it was announced that almost the entire party and government leadership of the republic had conspired in falsifying cotton production figures. A massive purge (only one minister survived the purge) of the Uzbek leadership was carried out, with prosecutors brought in from Moscow, leading to widespread arrests, executions, and suicides. It may never be known how high the corruption extended, as Leonid Brezhnev’s own son-in-law, Yuri Churbanov was implicated in the affair.

Usmonxo‘jayev's term

It was while Usmonxo‘jayev was General Secretary that satellite images showed that the Uzbek government's reports were false. Usmonxo‘jayev held his position throughout the scandal, serving as a puppet of Moscow as the Central Committee tried to strengthen its grip in Uzbekistan. Usmonxo‘jayev was General Secretary from 3 November 1983 until 12 January 1988. His replacement was Rafiq Nishonov.


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