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Inguva Kartikeya Sarma

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Died  29 November 2013

Inguva Kartikeya Sarma (1937–2013) was an Indian archaeologist and a Director of the Salar Jung Museum.

I. K. Sarma was born on 15 October 1937 in Pallipadu village of Nellore district, Andhra Pradesh. He obtained a Post Graduate Diploma in Archaeology from the School of Archaeology, the academic wing of Archaeological Survey of India (ASI) in New Delhi. In 1958, Sarma joined the Archaeological Survey of India as a technical assistant in 1958. During 1983–1993, he was the Superintending Archaeologist of the ASI's Excavation Branch at Nagpur. During 1993-1997, he served as the Director of Salar Jung Museum in Hyderabad.

Sarma was involved in excavations at several sites in Andhra Pradesh, Gujarat, Maharashtra, Rajasthan, Telangana and Tamil Nadu. These sites include Nagarjunakonda (1956–57); Kalibangan (1960–62 and 1964–66); Paiyampalli (1968); Pauni (1969–70); Surkotada (1970–71); Amaravati and Gudimallam (1974–75); and Pedavegi and Guntupalli (1985–87). In the 1970s, he also surveyed the remains of a Jain site at Aretippur in Karnataka.

During the last years of his life, he suffered from the Alzheimer's disease. He died on 29 November 2013 at Hyderabad, survived by his wife, two daughters and a son.


Sarma was known as an authority of the history of Telugu people, and wrote several books.

  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma (1980). Coinage of the Satavahana Empire. Agam Kala Press. 
  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma (1982). The Development of Early Śaiva Art and Architecture: With Special Reference to Āndhradēśa. Sundeep. 
  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma (1985). Buddhist Monuments of China and South-East India: An Archaeological Perspective. Sundeep. ISBN 978-0-8364-2184-2. 
  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma (1987). Religion in Art and Historical Archaeology of South India: Contacts and Correlations. University of Madras. 
  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma (1988). Studies in Early Buddhist Monuments and Brāhmī Inscriptions of Āndhradēśa. Dattsons. 
  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma (1992). Temples of the Gaṅgas of Karṇāṭaka. Archaeological Survey of India. 
  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma (1994). Paraśurāmēśvara Temple at Gudimallam: A Probe Into Its Origins. Datt Sons. ISBN 978-81-7192-015-0. 
  • Inguva Karthikeya Sarma; J. Vara Prasada Rao (1993). Early Brāhmī Inscriptions from Sannati. Harman Publishing House. ISBN 978-81-85151-68-7. 
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