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In Dub

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Length  59:49
Release date  5 November 2002
Label  Twisted Records
Artist  Simon Posford
Producer  Ott
Genres  Dub, Psychedelic music
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Released  5 November 2002 (2002-11-05)
Similar  Blumenkraft, Twisted, In Dub – Live, Skylon, The Lone Deranger

Hallucinogen in dub full album

In Dub is a psychedelic dub album released in October 2002. It is a collection of Hallucinogen tracks remixed by the record producer Ott.


Hallucinogen ott in dub live hq

Track listing

  1. "Mi-Loony-Um ('A Floating Butterfly Stings Like A Bee' Mix)"
  2. "Solstice ('Warwick Bassmonkey' Mix)"
  3. "Gamma Goblins ('Its Turtles All The Way Down' Mix)"
  4. "Spiritual Antiseptic ('Minty Fresh Confidence' Mix)"
  5. "L.S.D. ('World Sheet Of Closed String' Mix)"
  6. "Angelic Particles ('Buckminster Fullerine' Mix)"


1Mi-Loony-Um (A Floating Butterfly Stings Like a Bee mix)11:55
2Solstice (Warwick Bassmonkey mix)9:00
3Gamma Goblins (It's Turtles All the Way Down mix)10:54


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