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Immoral Study

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Platform  PC-98, Windows 95
Genres  Visual novel, Eroge
Developer  Scoop Software Productions
Publisher  Scoop Software Productions

Immoral Study (インモラルスタディ, Inmoraru Sutadi), is a series of three Japanese adult games originally made for PC-98 computers, but later re-released for Windows 95. The series is by the studio Scoop Software Productions and the scripts are written by Seiji Imanishi (今西精二, Imanishi Seiji). The first two games were later released in English for Windows by Himeya Soft.


Scenario 1

Immoral Study Immoral Study

Immoral Study Scenario 1: Shirakawa Reiko (インモラルスタディ シナリオ1 白川玲子) was released for PC-98 computers in August 1995, and for Windows 95 on September 20, 1996.

Scenario 2

Immoral Study Scenario 2: Ījima Yuka (インモラルスタディ シナリオ2 飯嶋由佳) was released for PC-98 on September 22, 1995, and for Windows on October 18, 1996. Unlike the first game, where the story was linear, with only one ending, the second game featured multiple endings. The player takes the role of Professor Hitosuji, who was hired by a businessman to tutor his daughter, who's been slipping in her grades lately, she also has gotten an attitude problem since then. She's supposed to marry a person with a good education, someone who could organize her father's factory. She's in love with a student called Takashi and the professor uses her feelings towards him to have sexual intercourse with her.

Scenario 3

Immoral Study Scenario 3: Asakura Manami (インモラルスタディ シナリオ3 朝倉まなみ) was released for PC-98 on October 20, 1995, and for Windows 95 on November 22, 1996.


Professor Hitosuji (教師一筋, Kyoushi Hitosuji)
The protagonist of the series. He has the ability to turn any student to a straight and hard working one.
Reiko Shirakawa (白川玲子, Shirakawa Reiko)
The heroine of the first game.
Yuka Ījima (飯嶋由佳, Ījima Yuka)
The heroine of the second game, she's the daughter of a factory CEO and she's got a bad attitude.
Manami Asakura (朝倉まなみ, Asakura Manami)
The heroine of the third game.
A boy who works as a cleaner. Yuka is in love with him.
Yuka's bodyguard.


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