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Ilana Raviv

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Name  Ilana Raviv

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Ilana raviv oppenheim on askimo tv

Ilana Raviv-Oppenheim (born 1945) is a multidisciplinary artist. Her work spans a variety of media: painting, drawing, etching, tapestry, and ceramic sculpture.


Ilana Raviv Ilana Raviv

The artist ilana raviv a tabernacle of peace homage to zechariah at icc jerusalem


She was born in Tel Aviv in 1945 to Itzhak and Fanya Oppenheim. Moritz Daniel Oppenheim was her great-great-granduncle. He was considered “the first Jewish painter” in Europe, very well known and popular in his day. A large exhibition of his works was mounted at the Israel Museum in Jerusalem. Ilana grew up in Israel, and her art was influenced partly by such Israeli sights as the Negev, the Sinai, the Galilee, and greater Tel Aviv. Ilana always knew, and made known, that art was her calling.

From 1980 to 1990, she lived with her family in the art capital of the world, New York, in order to study, renew herself, and broaden her artistic vision. During her stay, from 1980 to 1984 she studied at the Art Students League of New York. Among her teachers were Roberto Delamonica, Bruce Dorfman, and the American master Knox Martin, who was active in New York and was her guide, mentor, and inspiration.

Ilana Raviv has exhibited in various museums and galleries of Israel, the USA, Europe, and the Far East. Recently Ilana has exhibited her works alongside the best known of artists, including Knox Martin, Rauschenberg, Larry Rivers, Rosenquist, Chuck Close, Marisol, and more.

Today she divides her time between Israel and New York.


Raviv draws her inspiration from works of the ancient past – primitive wall paintings – and ushers them through the ways and spirit of masterworks by Titian, Veronese, Frans Hals, Velásquez, Cézanne, Matisse, Picasso, de Kooning, Knox Martin, and others.

Ilana Raviv uses extreme metaphors. She has won the appreciation of art critics around the world. Much of her work focuses on femininity, on the strata of life from childhood to adolescence and from adulthood to partnering, and on relations between the sexes.

The great mother figure from Greek mythology is among the chief topics in her work, as are other characters from the Bible, from history, and from literature. Her works are built from a variety of flat designs, contrasts, and shapes, which create different versions and dimensions of reality.

Raviv describes her works as "a metaphor which creates and shapes an artificial life on canvas".

In 2008 she received the title of Tel Aviv–Jaffa "Woman of the Year", representing the arts.

Her work is represented in private collections and in various museums and galleries around the world. A solo exhibition consisting of 50 pictures by Ilana was presented at the State Russian Museum in Saint Petersburg between October 2007 and January 2008, and another solo exhibition of 100 pictures was presented at the Museum of Modern Art Moscow. In both museums, she was the first native Israeli to exhibit. In both museums, the exhibits achieved great success. The State Russian Museum even asked to extend the term of the exhibit in response to popular demand. Both museums called her works comparable in quality to those of the Great Russian artists and the 20th century masters.

The world of Ilana Raviv, an Israeli artist from the American school of painting, is presented to the Russian viewer for the first time. As we identify and describe her world in Russian, we may well compare it with the dramatic and expressive works of the so-called avant-garde Amazons, the apocalyptic figures of Natalia Goncharova, the card cycle of Olga Rozanova ...

Here in these halls, we see pictures by Ilana Raviv that recall the work of the greatest 20th-century artists. Not only Matisse and Picasso but also Albert Marquet or Raoul Dufy, the wonderdul French Fauvist painters. Similar simplicity, terseness, and wealth of energy in every spot also characterize Ilana Raviv’s excellent work. From that perspective, in my opinion, Ilana is a true successor to the outstanding artists of the 20th century.

Besides the Russian museum exhibits, there is a Holocaust-themed painting that has figured for many years in the permanent collection of the Holocaust Memorial Museum in Washington DC. In this painting Ilana exposes the monstrous aspect of the topic more than she trains a direct view on its consequences. The painting shows the Ten Commandments consumed by flame, with an emphasis on "Thou shalt not murder." The struggle to survive is expressed only in the mixture of colors.

Her painting A Tabernacle of Peace – Homage to Zachariah" (acrylic on canvas, 2.12 meters by 10) opened Israel’s 40th anniversary celebrations in New York at the world’s largest sukkah. Later it was displayed for eight years in the main entrance hall of the Jerusalem International Convention Center.

Raviv is married and the mother of three. In the course of her life she has displayed her creations at many exhibits, including a pro bono exhibit to benefit Seeds Of Peace, which aims to inspire and connect Arab and Jewish youth.

My work contains no political manifesto or statement of intent. I do not fit into any cubbyhole by name, place, fad, taste, or changeable fashion. The creation itself, and the process that it implies, are a thing that suggests itself anew from moment to moment, out of itself alone, with respect to the entire format, be it right to left, be it top to bottom, appearing and changing from one instant to the next and surprising myself all over again ...

You could compare my works to the motion a kaleidoscope creates, presenting itself afresh with each twist ...

Art studies

  • 1980–1984 – At the Art Students League of New York
  • Prizes

  • 2008 – "Woman of the Year", representing the arts, Tel Aviv–Jaffa
  • 2004 – NAPA Kay Greenwood-Casey Award, UK
  • 2001 – "Artist of the Week" at Global Art Information, Australia
  • One-person shows

  • 2012-2013 Okashi Meseum of Art- "Alice in Wonderland" Acre (Old Akko) Israel – Catalog
  • 2012 – Bet Ariela – "Woman Her Many Faces" Tel Aviv -Israel
  • 2009- Ilana Raviv and Paul du Toit at gallery Art Vine – Amsterdam, the Netherlands
  • 2008-2009 One person Show at The Museum of Modern Art – Moscow (Catalog)
  • 2007 – 2008 – Ilana Raviv at The State Russian Museum, St. Petersburg (Catalog)
  • 2006 – "Tabernacle of Peace – Homage to Zechariah" has been installed for permanent display at the International Convention Center in Jerusalem, Israel. The painting, which measures 7 ft high by 26 ft wide, is displayed at the main entrance to the convention center.
  • 2006 – Givaataim theater "Creators – subjective selection", Israel
  • 2005 Eshkol for the Sciences and Arts, Ramat Gan, "Smiles and Surprises" – Israel
  • 2004 BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA
  • 2002 Painters and Sculptors Association – Israel
  • December 2001 – February 2002 Wilfried Israel Art Museum – Kibbutz Hazorea – Israel (Catalog)
  • 2001 The Castra Gallery -Haifa – Israel
  • 2000 The National Arts Club, New York City, New York (Catalog)
  • 1993 The Studio Neve Tzedeck, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1984 Bronx Museum of Art, New York (catalog)
  • 1983 River Gallery Irvington, New York
  • 1981 Cicchinnelli Gallery, New York
  • 1971 Israelis Gallery, Tel Aviv
  • Group exhibitions, commissions, and permanent collections

  • 2011- NAPA International Exhibition – Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Birkenhead, Wirral, England, National Acrylic Painters’ Association
  • 2010 – "Women, Consciousness , Intensity" – "Bet Gabriel on the Kinneret", Cultural & Social Center
  • 2009-2010 Sylvia White Gallery 30th Anniversary Exhibition, Ventura, California
  • 2008 Wilfred Israel Museum- "Salt of the earth" – Israeli profile ( Catalog)
  • 2006 Box Heart’s 6th Anniversary Exhibition
  • 2005 Box Heart Gallery Celebrate the Season, Group Holiday Exhibition and Sale
  • 2005 Givatayim Theatre – "Creators – Personal Choice"
  • 2005 Museum Leeuwenbergh in Utrecht, The Netherlands- "Art for Nature"
  • 2005 BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA 5th Anniversary Exhibition
  • 2005 St. Davids Hall, Cardiff, Wales
  • 2004 Mariner Gallery St Ives Cornwall, UK Awarded the 2004 Napa Kay Greenwood Casey Award
  • 2004 BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh,PA The 8th Annual Sacred Art Exhibition
  • 2004 NAPA International Exhibition, Williamson Art Gallery & Museum, Merseyside, UK
  • 2004 – BoxHeart Gallery, Pittsburgh, PA "The Third Annual Art Inter/national"
  • 2003 – "New Rivasinistra" Centro d’Arte e Cultura Contemporanea, Florence, Italy
  • 2003, New Assioma – Centro d’Arte e Cultura, Prato, Italy (Catalog)
  • 2002 NAPA International Exhibition, St. Ives, Cornwall, UK
  • 2002, Clock Tower Gallery, Sheffield, UK.
  • 2002 MAC21 Art Fair – Marbella (Catalog)
  • 2002, Europ’Art, Paris, 11/01 Awarded "Artist of the Week" at Global Art Information
  • 2001 "10 Women – 10 Countries" exhibition at Noosa Gallery representing Israel
  • 2000 Bar David museum/outdoor exposition-Kibbutz Baram
  • 2000 Xtreme Xteriors Xhibition at Marcus Garvey Park, New York City, Curator: Gallery X, New York City.
  • 2000 "Milestones for Peace", Organized by The International Artists’ Museum, Castra Art Center, Haifa, Israel
  • 2000 Touchstone Gallery, Washington D.C.
  • 2000 Sylvia White Gallery, Los Angeles
  • 2000 World Art One Collection "2000 Reasons to Love the Earth", Den Haag, The Netherlands
  • 2000 Sylvia White Gallery, New York
  • 2000 "Milestones for Peace", Organized by The International Artists’ Museum, "Jaffa Art 2000″, Jaffa, Israel
  • 2000 Peace Gallery, Art Center of Givat Haviva, Israel
  • 1999 The Suan Pakkad Palace Museum, Bangkok, Thailand
  • 1997 The National Arts Club, New York
  • 1993 Holocaust Memorial Museum, Washington D.C.; painting is in the permanent collection
  • 1993 Stavit Gallery, Paris, France
  • 1990 Garett Stephens Gallery, East Hampton, New York
  • 1990 Riverdale YM YWHA Gallery, New York
  • 1990 Strauss Gallery, New York
  • 1989 Lamontage Gallery, New York
  • 1987 Succoth Mural Painting, New York
  • 1984 Dubelle Fine Art, New York
  • 1983 C.D.S. Gallery, New York
  • 1983 Byer Museum of Art, Illinois
  • 1983 Dubelle Fine Art, New York
  • 1983 Peninsula Public Library, Lawrence, New York
  • 1982 River Gallery Irvington, New York
  • 1982 Arras Gallery, New York
  • 1982 24th Annual Art Show, Westfield Chapter of Hadassah, New Jersey
  • 1982 Art Expo, New York
  • 1982 Jewish Community Center, Tenafly, New Jersey
  • 1982 S. Morantz Gallery, Cliffside Park, New Jersey
  • 1982 Guild Hall Museum of Art, East Hampton, New York
  • 1982 Fine Arts Museum of Long Island, Hampstead, New York
  • 1982 Bronx Museum of Art, New York
  • 1982 "Art Show”, 599 Broadway, New York
  • 1981 Cicchinnelli Galleries, New York
  • 1981 Ingber Gallery, New York
  • 1981 S. Morantz Gallery, New York
  • 1974 Bergman Gallery, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • 1972 Z.O.A. House, Tel Aviv, Israel
  • Member

  • National Association of Acrylic Painters (NAPA) UK
  • New York Artist Equity Association
  • Professional Organization of the Painters & Sculptors Association T.A., Israel.
  • The Art Students League of New York
  • Selected publications

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