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Igor Alexandrovich Vaganov (Russian: Игорь Александрович Ваганов; born 1 July 1959, Rostov-on-Don, USSR) is a Russian rock journalist, visual artist, videomaker, cultural studies expert, organizer, and participant of a number of media and art projects in Russia and abroad.

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Igor Vaganov was born on July 1, 1959, in Rostov-on-Don. At the age of six years tried to set fire the Rostov Museum of Fine Arts on Pushkin Boulevard in protest to the art presented in it. His first musical project was The Stream, a school experimental rock band founded in 1974. In 1974, he founded Hallo, the first specialized illustrated music magazine (hand-made fanzine) known in the USSR. He took part in the activity of THIS (Russian: ЭТО / ETO), a city high school pupils’ club, and attended Yuri Popov’s famous pantomime studio. Participated in Rostov surrealism movement (1976–1981), numerous art actions, poetry readings, theater performances and happenings. In December 1980, he took part in organizing and developing scenic design of the event held in memory of John Lennon and the first break festival on Don. In 1981–1982, he took part in organizing Opus, a rock festival (prohibited later) in Vilnius, Lithuania. In autumn 1987, he played the drums in Tora! Tora! Oss!, German Dizhechko’s fist punk-band.

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From 1988, he worked as a columnist in TNC, i. e. The Nameless Column (Russian: РБН, i.e. Рубрика Без Названия / RBN, i. e. Rubrika Bez Nazvaniya) in Komsomolets (Russian: Комсомолец), Rostov oblast youth newspaper. From 1988 to 2008, he worked as a journalist in the sphere of culture, collaborating with a great number of periodicals, including Izvestiya-Yug (Russian: Известия-Юг), Moskovsky Komsomolets-na-Donu (Russian: Московский комсомолец-на-Дону), Donskaya Panorama (Russian: Донская панорама), Gorod N (Russian: Город N), Pleasure, Absinthe (Russian: Абсент), Style, 69, Vash Kapital (Russian: Ваш капитал), Re:publika (Russian: Re:публика) (Rostov-on-Don, Russia), Ensk (Russian: Энск) (Novosibirsk, Russia), Tango (Lithuania), Descent (Great Britain – USA), Ongaku Otaku (USA-Japan), Occidental Congress (Italy), Runen (France), etc.

From September 1988, he edited his own underground press project, the newspaper titled Rock-OPO, i.e. Rock in Opposition (Russian: Рок-ОПО, i. e. Рок в оппозиции / Rock-OPO, i. e. Rock v oppozitsii), an illustrated periodical, photocopy, 5 issues. Information coverage region: Rostov -USSR – Western Europe, underground stage in the East. It was the first independent illustrated periodical in Don Region. The project existed till late 1989, the number of copies printed amounted to 25; it was sent according to a special mailing list; in its Russian underground press review, Program A (Russian: Программа А / Programma A) has referred to Rock-OPO as “the most unusual and unique periodical in Russian music underground press”.

In 1988–1989, he took part in organizing and developing scenic design of Rostov rock-club underground festivals Rock Debut (Rock 707) (Russian: Рок-дебют (Рок-707) and The Closed Zone (Russian: Закрытая Зона Zakrytaya Zona). In April 1989, he published his book Tell Troitsky the News (Donsky Beat and Ways of Combating It: A Handbook for Official Power Structures) (Russian: Расскажите Троицкому новости (Донский бит и как с ним бороться. Методическое пособие для официоза / Rasskazhite Troitskomu novosti (Donsky Beat i kak s nim borotsya:. Metodicheskoe posobie dlya ofitsioza) in samizdat (free press).

In April 1990, he created Cuckoo Air (Russian: Ку-Ку Эфир / Ku-Ku Efir), a musical and informational program about alternative and independent rock stage, at Rostov oblast radio (it was the first so-called independent radio program in the former USSR, along with The Soft Parade (Russian: Тихий парад / Tikhiy parad), a program by Roman Nikitin in Moscow). He was the manager of Sergey Pimenov’s early punk project Sprinkler Tops (Russian: Головки от пульверизатора / Golovki ot pulverizatora). He got acquainted with Lydia Lunch, New York avant-garde queen, and Peter Jenner, one of the most famous managers in British music culture (Pink Floyd, Mark Bolan & T’Rex, Clash, etc.). Besides, he collaborated with Peking Row-Row (Russian: Пекин Роу-Роу) Rostov legendary band. In autumn 1990, he created a new editorial project, SCREAM (Russian: КРИК), an independent culture music magazine, edited in collaboration with the famous Kiev magazine Guchnomovets (Ukrainian: Гучномовецъ). It was the first “international” underground press alliance, in which the most significant creative and organizational powers of the country, such as influential rock journalists, photographers, event and festival organizers, producers, and musicians took part. According to The Golden Underground (Russian: Золотое подполье / Zolotoe Podpolye), Russian music underground press encyclopedia, Scream magazine was referred to as “the most complete and exhaustive chronicle of cultural trends in our country during that time”.

In summer 1991, he was a member of the organizing committee of Formula-9 (Russian: Формула-9), the yearly international music festival in Rostov-on-Don. In 1992, he worked as the A&R director with the Russian representative office of Blue Baltic Records Russia, a Lithuanian and British recording company. Along with working with their own music publishing works, he was a distributor with Zona Records (Vilnius, Lithuania), Fee-Lee (Moscow, Russia), involved in distributing books and records belonging to different music trends. In summer 1992, he founded Radio Amadeus (Russian: Радио Амадеус), the first alternative music radio in Don Region. In 1992, he founded the first independent radio station in Rostov-on-Don, Radio Province (Russian: Радио Провинция / Radio Provintsia), acting as its ideologist and music editor. He finished working on his book Wild World of Lydia Lunch (under the editorship of Artemy Troitsky). He founded and took control of the Russian department of Blue Baltic Records Russia (Britain – Lithuania), one of the first independent music and distributor labels in the ex-USSR. At the same time, he started initiating Achtung Baby! project. [2].Together with Kirill Serebrennikov, he was working at Sheegee Jeegee, or Everything’s Gonna Be Alright… (Russian: Шиги-Джиги, или все будет хорошо… / Sheegee Jeegee, ili vsye budet horosho…), a movie in memory of Sergey Timofeev, Peking Row Row band leader, artist, and musician. Bomba-Don (Russian: Бомба-Дон) Company was founded on the basis of Blue Baltic Records Russia distribution activity.

In July 1997, Achtung Baby! online version and electronic magazine emerged. He took part in a virtual art exhibition (mail-art) held in memory of William S. Burroughs and the anniversary of his novel Nova Express in Belgium (Chez Lulu art café).

In 2001, he initiated the Art-House (Russian: Арт-Хауз) regular column, which included the independent art news in the country and abroad (cinema, theater, music, literature, plastic and visual art) in Moscovsky Komsomolets – Yug (Russian: Московский комсомолец — Юг) and was in charge of it. In 2002, Mitin Zhurnal (Russian: Митин журнал) magazine published chapters from The Wild World of Lydia L, Igor Vaganov’s book about Lydia Lunch, the first translations of her literary essays, and fragments of her novel Paradoxia in Russia.

Most notable projects and exhibitions

  • 2016 — «Journey to the End of the Night» - a movie about Wrocław Industrial Festival filmed in 2014. Full-length, documentary, video art, musical, road movie, including interviews, fragments of performances, and quotes from Celine.
  • 2016 — «December» (Russian Elegy) - a short, an experimental cinema, pictorialism, with the music by American composer Michael Gordon and poetry by Brodsky. When “…ink on the page is more honest than blood”. “This is a very personal movie shot from December 2015 to February 2016. This is a film of a state, like most of my works. The movie is drawn by the camera, not filmed...” (from the letter to Peter Tcherkassky, May 2016).
  • 2015 — Video art presented at NOISEroom International sound-art project by Monochrome Vision, video retrospective, première «Fin. Finito. Infinito», Creative Space, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
  • 2014 — Participation in the XIII Wrocław Industrial Festival: presenting a special project, «Death Day» , an audio and video installation (together with Job Karma and The Magic Carpathians Project (Poland), “the most important project of the year”, which is “not about death as a physical entity at all - though it is very physical in its own way; to us, filming it was like washing our mouths with broken glass (…), it is about spiritual death, the world we are losing, the world which is about to depart. About the things that continue to be important for us in this world. And it is about the culture we carry throughout our lives till we are dead...” The project opened the festival: three video screens, November 6, Eter Club, Wrocław, Poland.
  • 2014 — International exhibition Park Art Fair International © 2014 — «Honorable Mention», Triberg, Schwarzwald, Germany.
  • 2013 — The invitation in jury of the XII International Kansk Video Festival (Chairman of the Jury: Nana Jorjadze), a large video retrospective, airport, Kansk, Siberia, Russia.
  • 2013 — Joint project with Yuri Shabelnikov «Scandalous exhibition» (not implemented) for Pechersky Gallery, Moscow. Forte dei Marmi, Italy.
  • 2013 — Joint project with Vito Pace (Italy) «Reflections on Landscape's social democracy». VIII Biennale of contemporary Art 2013 Shiryaevo. The main project. «Screen: between Europe and Asia». Samara, Russia.
  • 2013 — The artwork for the international project «Attich-Ebulum», dedicated to Sidonia von Borce (1548–1620). Santa Sangre Sounds, Poland.
  • 2013 — Contribution in the publishing project «Come Lupi Tra Le Pecore», Storia e ideologia del black metal nazionalsocialista. Davide Maspero, Max Ribaric, Tsunami Edizioni, Italy.
  • 2012 — International exhibition Park Art Fair International ©, shortlist, Geneva 2012, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 2012 — International Festival of Independent Films 2morrow/Zavtra, chief editor of the official website of the festival, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2012 — Toronto Urban Film Festival (TUFF), première «L'etude», Toronto, Canada.
  • 2012 — Festival of visual poetry Poeza 347, videopremiere «The Ceremony», Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
  • 2012 — ORLANDINA, A Solo Exhibition of new works | the premiere of the videoart installation "Heart of Glass" (2011), beacon artist union (bau Gallery), Becon, NY, USA.
  • 2012 — ID - Imagery Dimension, International Festival for art+innovation, London - New York, Great Britain - USA.
  • 2012 — International exhibition of Digital art Transformation - Discover the Digital World, СI.Gallery, Luxembourg.
  • 2012 — International art-project | Exhibition Mein Atelier - My Studio, Stuttgarter Kunstverein e.V., Stuttgart, Germany.
  • 2011 — Video art special for the musical fairy tale "Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs", premiere December 23, a big stage, the Rostov Academic Youth Theatre, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
  • 2011 — Video art special for the comedy-noir "Mahnyomsya?!" (Exchange?!) based on the play English playwright Ian Ogilvy, premiere November 24–25, a big stage, Moscow Drama Theater. Yermolova Theater, Moscow, Russia.
  • 2011 — Changes Competition | International Exhibition, Luxembourg.
  • 2011 — Ninth International Literary Maximilian Voloshin competition 2011 in the category "Video Poetry", Koktebel, Crimea.
  • 2011 — Laminate x Mark Ryden Design Competition, Great Britain.
  • 2011 — Organization of the first Russian tour of the Swedish group Ordo Rosarius Equilibrio «Evil men have no songs» (with «Arcto Promo»): 27–29 May, Yekaterinburg-Moscow-Rostov-on-Don, a special videoart show before the concert in Rostov, Club «Podzemka», Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
  • 2011 — The exhibition in the context of the international action the Long Night of Museums, digital drawings/videoart, première «Archangelsk», Taganrog Museum of Art, Taganrog, Russia.
  • 2011 — First Open City Exhibition of Poems, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
  • 2010 — EUtopia International Exhibition, Luxembourg.
  • 2010 — Second International exhibition Park Art Fair International © Geneva 2010, première «Mátame, por favor! [Toro]», Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 2010 — International Exhibition 2010 Surrealism, Coimbra, Portugal.
  • 2010 — State of Creation International Competition, Luxembourg.
  • 2010 — Laureate of exhibition and competition A Street Has Its Face (Russian: Есть у улицы лицо / Est u ulitsy litso), Modern Fine Arts Museum at Dmitrovskaya Street, Rostov-on-Don, Russia.
  • 2010 — Planet Earth, Planet Art International Project (Greenpeace), London, Great Britain.
  • 2010 — Power of Self International Competition, New York, USA.
  • 2009 — Laureate of Park Art Fair International © exhibition, Geneva 2009, the 2nd place in Best in Show Award and Grand Prix Public Award, Geneva, Switzerland.
  • 2009 — Video art presented at Klatz (Russian: Клац) art project, Rostov-on-Don.
  • 2009 — Personal exhibition within the framework of (Russian: Грани.net ) Project, ROMIS, Rostov-on-Don.
  • 2009 — International Exhibition in Mount Beacon Fine Art Gallery, New York, USA.
  • 2009 — Freedom & Art International Project (Amnesty International), New York, USA.
  • 2008 — Artwork presented in Abort Magazine, Canadian art magazine, Vancouver.
  • 2007 — Laureate of Sam Klebanov’s Cinema without Borders (Russian: Кино без границ / Kino bez granits) art competition and Something about Japanese Cinema (Russian: Кое-что о японском кино / Koe-chto o yaponskom kino) project.
  • 2006 — Second International Avant-garde Videoart and Experimental Movie Festival [others]Aliens! (Russian: [другие] Чужие!» / [drugie] Chuzhie!), Rostov-on-Don.
  • 2005 — International Avant-garde Videoart and Experimental Movie Festival Aliens! (Russian: Чужие! / Chuzhie!), Rostov-on-Don.
  • 2005 — Art Project Action Insiders (Russian: Свои / Svoi), Rostov-on-Don.
  • 2004 — Grand Prize at “” European Virtual Art Internet Competition, Germany.
  • 2004 — “Artist of the Month” in Roi Designs Magazine, specialized art magazine, USA.
  • 2003 — Working at Die Bleiernee zeit, two-year project dedicated to Ulrike Meinhoff (RAF, Red Army Fraction).
  • 2002 — Virtual graphic art personal exhibition within the framework of the opening of the first yearly European independent movie festival Art-Eria (Russian: Art-Эрия), Rostov-on-Don, Shearwater (Russian: Буревестник / Burevestnik) cinema.
  • 2002 — Grand Prix of Paris Virtual Art Museum.
  • 1997 — Participation in the international art exhibition in memory of William S. Burroughs and the anniversary of his novel Nova Express, Chez Lulu art café, Brussels, Belgium.
  • 1988 — Founding Achtung Baby! interzone.
  • Selected filmography

  • My Brodsky (2005-2009)
  • Nocturne (2009)
  • Weekend (200?)
  • Collapse (2009)
  • Decasia (2009)
  • On the verge (2009)
  • L'etude (2010)
  • Vladimir Hirsch - Agios | Koma (2010)
  • Disconnect (2010)
  • Heart of glass (2011)
  • Synergos 24 (2011)
  • Invocation (2011)
  • Breakage (2011)
  • Porno (2012)
  • Gishiki | The Ceremony (2012)
  • Cobalt (2012)
  • 71°10' | 25°47' (2013)
  • Inodorous (2013)
  • Soap&Skin - Sugarbread (2013)
  • Antigravitation (2013)
  • Salome's Last Dance (2014)
  • Dandelions monamur (2014)
  • Mnemophobia (2014)
  • Death Day (2014)
  • Backstage: Roma Amor (2014)
  • Requiem PS (2015)
  • Grey (2015)
  • Fin. Finito. Infinito (2010-2015)
  • Journey to the End of the Night (XIII WIF 2016)
  • December (2016)
  • References

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