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Igor Maslennikov

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Years active  1967 - 2002
Name  Igor Maslennikov
Role  Film director

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Born  26 October 1931 (age 84) (1931-10-26) Nizhny Novgorod, USSR
Occupation  Film director Screenwriter
Education  Saint Petersburg State University
Movies  Sherlock Holmes and Dr W, The Hound of the Baskervilles, The Treasures of Agra, The Adventures of Sherlo, The Twentieth Century A
Similar People  Vitaly Solomin, Vasily Livanov, Rina Zelyonaya, Boryslav Brondukov, Yelena Safonova

Igor Fyodorovich Maslennikov (Russian: И́горь Фёдорович Ма́сленников; born 26 October 1931) is a Russian film director.


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Maslennikov was born in Nizhny Novgorod. In 1954 he completed his education in the department of journalism of the Leningrad University and worked as an editor, script writer, and cameraman on Leningrad television. In 1965 he entered the Higher Directors’ Courses of Lenfilm (Grigori Kozintsev's workshop), at end of which he became the director of this motion picture studio.

In the cinema, Maslennikov made his debut at the end of the 1960s with a film about a senior pupil: the Personal Life of Kuzyaev Valentin. He directed children’s films (Tomorrow" and "3 April), movies about sports (Racers), historical costume-dramas (Yaroslavna, the Queen of France). He worked on the joint Soviet-Norwegian picture Under a Stone Sky, which narrates the sad events which occurred in one of the Norwegian towns during the Nazi occupation. He filmed Vera Panova's autobiographical Sentimental novel.

Enormous success came to Maslennikov when he directed a cycle of films about Sherlock Holmes and Doctor Watson. The successful selection of the actors, among whom there were Vasily Livanov, Vitaly Solomin, Borislav Brondukov, Rina Zelyonaya, Nikita Mikhalkov and the outstanding talent of the director ensured audience’s love to the film.

In 1985 Maslennikov presented the melodrama Winter cherrieC. The movie became one of the greatest blockbusters of the decade and gained Elena Safonova a wide reputation. The special feature of this everyday melodrama was that for the first time the spectator saw on the screen a strong but misunderstood woman played by Safonova. The popularity of this film inspired Maslennikov to create sequels in 1990 and 1995 and the same-name TV-series in 1997.

In 1989 Maslennikov filmed the television adventure picture Philipp Traum, based on the unfinished Mark Twain novel The Mysterious Stranger. The cinema version was named Chronicle of Satan Jr.. He made a co-production with French partners, filming the story of Leonid Andreyev (The Dark), where the main roles were played by Oleg Yankovsky and Ksenia Kachalina.

Maslennikov became People's Artist of the RSFSR in 1988. In 2001 he received the State Prize of Russia.

The year 2000 saw the release of the 10 series of Chto skazal pokoynik (What Has the Deceased Said) (2000) after the popular Polish writer Ioanna Khmelevskaya, and start of the filming of Vospominaniya o Sherloke Kholmse (The Memoirs of Sherlock Holmes), which united all the five famous Sherlock Holmes films with a single plotline. In 2001 he was a member of the jury at the 23rd Moscow International Film Festival.

By his 75th anniversary in 2006 Igor Maslennikov finished his book of memoirs under the title The Baker Street in Petrogradskaya.


  • Тимур и его коммандос, 2004
  • Письма к Эльзе, 2002 - the Golden Peacock of the India International Film Festival
  • Воспоминания о Шерлоке Холмсе (TV series), 2000
  • Что сказал покойник (TV series), 1999
  • Театр Чехонте, 1996
  • Зимняя вишня (TV series), 1995
  • The winter cherry 3, 1995
  • Тьма, 1991
  • The winter cherry 2, 1990
  • Филипп Траум (TV movie), 1989
  • Продление рода, 1988
  • Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Twentieth Century Approaches (Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона. Двадцатый век начинается, 1986)
  • The winter cherry, 1985
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Treasures of Agra (Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона. Сокровища Агры), 1983
  • The Queen of Spades (Пиковая дама, 1982)
  • Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson: The Hound of the Baskervilles (Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона. Собака Баскервилей, 1981
  • The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Приключения Шерлока Холмса и доктора Ватсона), 1980
  • Sherlock Holmes and Dr. Watson (Шерлок Холмс и доктор Ватсон), 1979
  • Ярославна, королева Франции, 1978
  • Сентиментальный роман, 1976
  • Под каменным небом, 1974
  • Гонщики, 1972
  • Лето в Бережках, 1970
  • Завтра, третьего апреля, 1969
  • Личная жизнь Кузяева Валентина, 1967
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