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Local time  Friday 11:20 AM
Weather  31°C, Wind S at 6 km/h, 61% Humidity
University  Federal Government College, Idoani

Idoani is a quiet small town in Ondo State of Nigeria where the Federal Government College, Idoani, is located. It is the seat of the Idoani Confederacy, a Nigerian traditional state.


Map of Idoani, Nigeria

Idoani is under the Ose local government in Ondo state. The ruling house is composed of the Royal Families: Adebiyi, Atewogboye, Aladekoba and Falade. The people of Idoani whose major occupation used to be farming, are peace-loving. The people speak Bini languages, some of which are different from the major Yoruba language of the south-western Nigeria. Quite a number of people still ride their bicycles to farm (a growing culture in the western world today). Idoani comprises six major quarters of Isure, Okedo, Amusigbo, Iyayu, Isure and Ako. There is also Owani (Idosale, a few kilometres away). The different quarters are contiguous (with the exception of Owani which is a few kilometres away) and are not separated with any walls or boundaries, making intermarriage between them very common. The differences between the six quarters is noticeable in the languages. Iyayu language has been described as non-Yoruba, while others' have all Yoruba linguistic affinity. As a matter of historical fact, the Isure, Iyayus, Amusigbos, Owanis and the rest have different historical background. Other school of thoughts is that they are one family.

Notable People from Idoani

Today there are many Idoani sons and daughters in different walks of life both at home and abroad; some of these are Olorunfemi Ogunleye-Jacobs (acclaimed to be among the first people to put on a tie in Idoani, when he was a secretary in the local government); Olanrewaju Olaleye (A teacher and a tailor and a gentleman- He lost one of his grandsons (Tunji) to the Arisekola Alao's Riot in the late 90's in Ibadan); Professor 'Banji Aje (Professor of French Language), late Chief Salaja D.K. Oshati (Magistrate), late Chief Obe Richard A. Akinyemi SAN (defense lawyer), Chief Robert A. Agbayewa -founder Lagos College of Academy, Ogunleye M. Biodun - Administrator of a construction company and late Mr. Akinyemi Stephen Aro - Business Tycoon (Retailing, Banking & Petroleum – first to own a gas station in the district). Late Chief Odofin - Bello (western Region of Nigeria, first Police Commissioner), Major-General O. Olutoye (Rtd.)- the current Alani (King) of Idoani and also former Sports Minister for the Nigerian Government, Major-General Saidu Ayodele Balogun (Rtd) the first Military Administrator of Ogun State, Dr. Oluwafemi M. Agbayewa a clinical professor in Canada also formal Chairman of Canadian Association Psychiatrist, Dr Oluyinka Olutoye- a USA based surgeon. High Chief Hon. Sir, Timothy O. Akinbode, one time member of House of Representative,the current Asiwaju of Idoani. Major-general A Christopher Olukolade (rtd),the Director of Defence Information (military spokesman), from (Dec 2010- sep 2015), he is also an ECOMOG veteran and the first and only army officer to become a 2 star general having started as a public relations officer in the army. history of Idoani can not be complete without the mention of the late Basorun (Dr.) Samuel Oyewole Asabia who was the first indigenous managing director of First Bank of Nigeria, a man who was chosen as the number one banker for many years in Nigeria, a man who became a Federal Permanent Secretary at the age of 27 and was once a Deputy Governor of the Nigerian Central Bank and Oluwole Ogunleye (A catechist who also own a driving school in Oyo state).

Idoani renowned Surgeon, based in the USA, Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye (son of oba Olutoye) has specialized clinical expertise in fetal and neonatal surgery with specific interest in congenital diaphragmatic hernia and complex wounds. In 2016, Dr. Oluyinka Olutoye and his surgeon partner Dr. Darrell Cass of Texas Children's Hospital carried out a rare operation on a baby at 23 weeks. They brought the baby out of the womb, they then removed a tumor know a 'sacrococcygeal teratoma' from the baby and then returned it to her mother's womb. The baby healed and continued to grow until she was born again at 36 weeks.

Also, Funmi Olutoye, granddaughter of the current oba of Idoani, who is a journalist and television presenter in the U.K.

There are many other notable idoani sons and daughters who are unknown, especially the daughters, those from other religious, ethnic, socioeconomic and other groups-. A notable example is Dr Bunmi Negedu-momoh who is an associate director of a notable NGO in Nigeria; Kemi Soyinka (A nurse in the USA). This list should continue to grow, especially for the daughters who are sometimes neglected and those from other part of Nigeria and the world.

Other sons and daughters now have a whatsapp group, Facebook group and twitter group.

Western influence

The influence of colonization in Idoani culture is minimal. There are Anglican,Christ Apostolic Church, Methodist and Roman Catholic churches in Idoani. The two notable high schools are: Federal Government College, Idoani and Irekari Grammar school. There are now some private primary and secondary schools. They still speak their local languages, there are no major fast food outlet in the town, like those found in the major cities in Nigeria. The people eat Bini traditional food such as "Iyan" (pounded yam) with egusi or any of the vegetable soup and "Agidi"/igidi, made from maize flour (the two types are: Agidi a furere and Tepotiyo).

Idoani is a peaceful holiday destination in Nigeria, there is an important annual masquerade festival, around August, during which a lot of its indigenes come home from all over the world. Notable masquerades (Jejeliki), known for great dancing, and Igweztan, known for tormenting the stubborn children with canes (whips). There are other masquerades like Egunle, Ela, and Eruerue, Aloro, Okeripe(Isure quqrters),.

Follow the link below to see the location of Idoani on the world map.,+Nigeria&ie=UTF8&cd=1&geocode=FVVlbwAdYClZAA&split=0&sll=53.800651,-4.064941&sspn=6.881357,14.941406&ll=7.363829,5.473938&spn=0.612881,1.231842&t=h&z=10


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