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Industry  Pornography
Founded  2002
Products  Pornographic films
Predecessor  Attackers
Headquarters  Tokyo, Japan
Website  http://www.ideapocket.com/

IdeaPocket (アイデアポケット, Aidea Poketto) is a Japanese company located in Tokyo which is involved in the business of planning and producing adult videos (AV).


Company information

IdeaPocket split off from the Attackers corporation and was founded as a separate entity in 2002 under the umbrella of the Hokuto Corporation group of companies. It had previously been a stand-alone label used on works produced by the Attackers studio in their "Angel" series of cosplay videos to distinguish them from the more hardcore simulated rape movies produced for the Attackers Shark label. The first of the "Angel" videos, released in December 1998 and labeled AN-001, starred actress Ryo Hitomi while a later installment in the series featured AV Idol Sally Yoshino. Further labels were later added and the company now has a reputation as one of the top studios in the Japanese adult video industry combining high production values and good performances.

The company website, www.ideapocket.com, which has been online since June 19, 2002, has an audience drawn almost 79% from Japan and about 3% each from Hong Kong, the United States, and Indonesia. IdeaPocket releases about 17-18 videos per month comprising both original works and compilations and the large Japanese online video distributor DMM (part of the Hokuto Corporation) listed more than 1175 DVD and nearly 450 VHS titles available under the IdeaPocket name in mid-2010. Several of the studio's new videos have also been released in Blu-ray format. IdeaPocket released its first 3D video, 3D Mayu Nozomi (3D 希美まゆ), starring Mayu Nozomi, on September 1, 2011. In April 2013, IdeaPocket started a working relationship with professional wrestling promotion Union Pro Wrestling, which led to the introduction of the "World Aipoke Championship" matches in Tokyo.

Moodyz Awards

The IdeaPocket studio started to take part in the year-end Moodyz Awards ceremony beginning in 2004. At the 2005 gathering, the studio presented awards to some of its own personnel but in the following years, 2006 to 2008, IdeaPocket competed for awards with various other Hokuto Corporation associated companies. In 2008, the IdeaPocket video High School Girl and Sex with Rion Hatsumi won the Best Title award.

AV Grand Prix

IdeaPocket was one of the companies participating in the 2008 AV Grand Prix competition with their entry Shimiken's Private 7 FUCK (labeled AVGL-001) starring actor Ken Shimizu and actresses Chihiro Hara, Mangetsu Sakuragawa, Nene, Kaede Akina, Natsuki Sugisaki, Yua Aida and Marin. The video took the Best Miscellaneous Video award. The studio's entry for the 2009 AV Grand Prix was a multiple actress compilation GAL CIR 3, labeled AVGL-101, which was given a "Special Award - Variety Video" at the contest.


Labels used by IdeaPocket and the first part of their associated product codes:

  • Angel (AN for VHS tapes and AND for DVDs)
  • Colors (COSD)
  • High School Pink (HPD)
  • Ideapocket Best (IDBD)
  • Supreme (SUPD)
  • Tissue (IPTD, IPZ)
  • Virtual Ex
  • Directors

    Major directors at IdeaPocket include:


    A number of well-known actresses have performed for IdeaPocket including:


    Some popular IdeaPocket series:

  • Digital Channel
  • First IdeaPocket
  • First Impression
  • Kiss and Sex (接吻とSEX)
  • Let's Do it at School! (学校でしようよ!)
  • Love Semen
  • Max Mosaic (マックスモザイク)
  • Spermania
  • Sweet Sex Life (甘〜い性活)
  • Tempting Lesson (誘惑授業)
  • References

    IdeaPocket Wikipedia

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