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Ibrahim bin Yousuf Al Fakhro

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Residence  Doha, Qatar
Religion  Islam
Name  Ibrahim Yousuf

Ibrahim bin Yousuf Al-Fakhro
Born  1 January 1965Doha, Qatar

Eng. Ibrahim Bin Yousuf Al Hasan Al Fakhro is a Qatari writer, businessman and art collector. He authored a book entitled “Arabic Calligraphy and Quran, A shared journey” in 2015. He also held several exhibitions regarding Arabic calligraphy, Islamic Art, and the life of Muhammad. Al Fakhro holds a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Qatar University, as well as a diploma in management.


He started working at Kahramaa (Qatar General Electricity and Water Corporation) and became the distribution manager of the company. He later joined Qatar Tourism Authority, then became Director of Qatar's Chamber of Commerce and Industry, and finally became the CEO of Barwa Al-Baraha. He is currently vice-chairman of the Middle East Facility Management Association.


Al Fakhro earned a bachelor's degree in electrical engineering from Qatar University in 1986, and earned a diploma in management in 1991.


  • Kahramaa: Al Fakhro started his career path in 2002 as the Distribution Manager at Kahramaa, which is a corporation founded in 2000 to regulate the supply of electricity and water to consumers and to secure the country's electricity and water needs.
  • Qatar Tourism Authority: Al Fakhro later worked as a Senior Manager at Qatar Tourism Authority, a governmental authority concerning the tourism sector in Qatar, for two years.
  • Qatar's Chamber of Commerce and Industry: Al Fakhro was appointed Director General of Qatar's Chamber of Commerce in 2004, where he played a prominent role in improving the rules and regulations regarding commerce, industry, and trade.
  • Barwa: Al Fakhro was then appointed CEO for Barwa Al-Baraha and sister companies within Barwa Real Estate Company. During his time, the company scored many achievements, and earned three international real estate awards. In 2011, Barwa's assets reached 65 billion Qatari riyals.
  • Art collection

    Ibrahim Al Fakhro pointed out that his work at Qatar Tourism Authority had stimulated his passion towards collecting art. Al Fakhro's collection consists of a unique assortment of calligraphy masterpieces and ancient copies of the Quran. He also possesses a collection of Ottoman antiques as well as antiques from Makkah and some pertaining to the Ka'bah. Al Fakhro held several exhibitions in this regard, some of which are:

    Mal Lawal Exhibition

    Al Fakhro participated in Mal Lawal Exhibition, held at al-Riwaq Exhibition Hall near the Museum of Islamic Art in Qatar, and was awarded second place. Al Fakhro's collection included antiques and valuable pieces that portray the life during the Ottoman era. The exhibits vividly represented the different stages of the Ottoman history as well as the people's lifestyle in that era.

    Al Fakhro's display was distinctive in that it drew attention towards the antiquities that depict the political, military, cultural, and artistic aspects of life during the Ottoman era, complete with a thorough description of every piece on display. Al-Fakhro's section was the perfect opportunity for visitors to closely examine the antiques that tell the story of the Ottoman Empire across various times and places through precious pieces of art referring to the days of a prominent civilization in human history.

    His Excellence Mr. Amri Haqi, Turkey's Ambassador in Qatar, praised the distinguished efforts of Ibrahim Al-Fakhro in collecting antiques belonging to the Ottoman era, which portray the cultural, military, and artistic status of that wondrous time characterized by profound innovation and creativity.

    "The Arabic Calligraphy and Qur'an, a Shared Journey" Exhibition

    The Arabic Calligraphy and Qur'an, a Shared Journey Exhibition, assembled by Engineer Ibrahim Al Fakhro, featured around 80 copies of the Quran from various eras, in addition to 30 artworks by renowned international calligraphers. Also in display was a collection of valuable pieces of art pertaining to Arabic calligraphy and the Qur'an as well as several original and copied manuscripts.

    During the exhibition hosted by Katara in Ramadan 1434 A.H.(2013 A.D.), Al Fakhro took the opportunity to explain the strong association between the evolution of Arabic calligraphy and the spread of the Quran. The exhibition showcased copies of the Qur'an that were several hundred years old. The exhibition started with displaying the birth of Arabic calligraphy, followed by the appearance of innovative scripts, the addition of artistic finishes and gilding, and finally, printing. The exhibition ended with Mushaf Qatar and a few of the most beautiful printed copies of the Qur'an. Al Fakhro indicated that through his exhibition Arabic Calligraphy and Qur'an, a Shared Journey, he was keen to showcase a diversity of concepts represented by each and every displayed piece. He said that he wanted to tell the visitors different stories through these pieces.

    The Arabic Script Exhibition

    This exhibition was held at Qatar Foundation convention center in September 2014. It included a rare assortment of artistic masterpieces from Engineer Ibrahim Al Fakhro's personal collection that portray the beauty of Arabic script. The exhibition was staged in three main categories: the start of Arabic calligraphy, the evolution stage, and the modern stage. The exhibition shed the light on the diverse uses of the Arabic script, ranging from manuscripts and textiles to ceramics and coins. In display were coins dated back to the ninth and tenth centuries, including some that featured the works of prominent calligraphers such as Sheikh Hamdullah al-Amasi and Hâfiz Osman.


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