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Ibrahim Munshi

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Literary movement

Poetry of Ibrahim Munshi in the Sindhi language

15 January 1934 (age 69) Tando Muhammad Khan, Hyderabad, Sindh, British India (

13 July 2003 (aged 69), Tando Muhammad Khan, Pakistan

Khalid Irfan, Muhammad Izhar ul Haq, Zamir Jafri

Ibrahim munshi hik mund chari ahe

Ibrahim Munshi (original name Mohammad Ibrahim Soomro) (Sindhi: ابراهيم منشي‎) was an eminent poet of Sindhi language. He was born on January 15, 1934 in Jinjhan Soomro, Tando Muhammad Khan, Hyderabad District, Sindh. His father Muhammmad Ishaque was also a poet but financially a poor farmer. He wrote six books of Poetry and got fame in the hearts of Sindhi people. He died on 13th July, 2003.


Poetry of Ibrahim Munshi in the Sindhi language with a background of a map

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Ibrahim Munshi in fierce look wearing a sleeve with a tree at his back

Father of Ibrahim Munshi had sent him to maktab for study purpose. He was in class four when his father died in March 1945, afterwards whole financial responsibility of home fell upon him. Ibrahim Munshi got his primary education from his village. Due to this responsibility he stopped education at primary level, could not proceed for higher education and left his study and toiled hard for earning.

Hard period

Ibrahim Munshi To Arab Ditha To Argoon Ditha Ibrahim Munshi

Ibrahim Munshi adopted many professions such as, selling fish, grocery, cultivating his ancestor’s agricultural land and doing the job of “Munshi” (an assistant of manager).

Literary Career

Ibrahim Munshi in fierce look while sitting on a chair wearing a white long sleeve

Ibrahim Munshi’s father was a patriotic poet therefore Ibrahim got the poetry in legacy. He was greatly affected by difficult circumstances of his time also and started poetry in 1949. He under the supervision of his father’s teacher Ustad Ali Muhammad “Sepoy”, started poetry at the age of thirteen. He tested himself in every field of poetry. He described lower ranked people in his poetry. He was greatly impresses by revolutionary poetry of Shaikh Ayaz in 1960. His poetry published in monthly magazine “Rooh Rehan” during 1965-1966.


Ibrahim Munshi has been interviewed with a microphone in front of him

His collection of Poetry “Paigham Mazloom” (Sindhi: پيغام مظلوم‎) published in 1970. His second collection “Wigh ja Waryam” in 1971 and “Gondar Wenda Guzri” (Sindhi: گوندر ويندا گذري‎) in 1985 by Prem nagar publication. His other collection includes Dharti, Deen, Dharam (Sindhi: ڌرتي دين ڌرم‎) in 1991, Dhuanre dehan dhara (Sindhi: ڌنري ڏين ڌارا‎) in 1995 and “Akhar Akhar Akh” (Sindhi: اکر اکر اک‎) in 2006 by Roshni publication. Many singers have sung his poetry in cassettes and for private gatherings. He extremely loved the poetry of Shah Abdul Latif Bhittai’s poetry. As a journalist he reported many intellectual, literary programs in Hyderabad, Sindh.


Ibrahim Munshi died on 13 July 2003.

Ibrahim Munshi sitting and talking into a microphone while holding a book


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