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I Can Hardly Wait

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Director  Jules White
Film series  Three Stooges Films
Country  United States
7.6/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy, Short
Cinematography  John Stumar
Language  English
I Can Hardly Wait movie poster
Writer  Clyde Bruckman (story)
Release date  August 13, 1943 (1943-08-13)
Genres  Short Film, Comedy, Black-and-white
Cast  Curly Howard, Larry Fine, Moe Howard (Moe), Adele Mara, Bud Jamison
Three Stooges Films movies  I Can Hardly Wait and A Gem of a Jam are part of the same movie series, I Can Hardly Wait and Three Little Pirates are part of the same movie series, I Can Hardly Wait and Higher Than a Kite are part of the same movie series, I Can Hardly Wait and Monkey Businessmen are part of the same movie series, I Can Hardly Wait and They Stooge to Conga are part of the same movie series

"I Can Hardly Wait" is the 73rd short film released by Columbia Pictures in 1943 starring American slapstick comedy team The Three Stooges (Moe Howard, Larry Fine and Curly Howard). The comedians released 190 short films for the studio between 1934 and 1959.


The three stooges 073 i can hardly wait 1943 curly larry moe dabaron 18m28s


The Stooges are defense workers at the Heedlock Airplane Corp., a pun on the Lockheed Aircraft Corporation. They enter an apartment and break into a safe, which turns out to be a refrigerator. With the food they find, they prepare a late night meal of a single slice of ham, an egg, bread and coffee. Moe and Larry share the food, and Curly gets the bone and the eggshell. While eating, Curly breaks his tooth while attempting to eat the ham bone, resulting in a major toothache. Moe suggests he simply get some sleep, and in the morning the toothache will be gone.

The boys situate themselves for bed in a conveniently placed three-tiered bunk bed. Curly naturally receives the top bunk and his ascent thereto is not without mishap. During the night, Moe unsuccessfully tries to alleviate Curly's pain but is unable to do so. While Curly does finally fall asleep, we are introduced into his dreams where he is still whining on about his current state of affairs. His persistent moaning and complaining about his toothache finally aggravate the other two into action. His fear of dentists leaves the Stooges with precious few options, leaving them to improvise their own brand of home dentistry techniques. These techniques include trying to extract the tooth with a fishing pole and line, tying the tooth to the doorknob and violently closing it, tying the tooth to a ceiling light fixture and jumping from a ladder, and lastly, firecrackers.

At their wits' end, Curly is taken off by Moe to the dentist, Dr. Tug (Lew Davis), who admits to being a butcher as an earlier profession. He then calls Curly and Moe in the room where patients get checked up, but a belligerent Curly makes the check-up difficult. Dr. Tug is exhausted from wrestling with Curly, so he asks his partner Dr. Yank (Bud Jamison) to complete the extraction. However, Moe tries to placate Curly's fears about dentistry by laying in the chair and simulating the procedure just as Yank, unaware who the actual patient is, enters the office and knocks Moe out cold with ether in a rag and pulls his tooth instead despite Curly's protests. Yank hands the extracted tooth to Curly and, upon learning that Curly is the real patient, runs out of the room. Moe awakens and finds Curly holding the tooth. This understandably angers him to no end and he takes it out on Curly, who attempts to defend himself. This flailing action in the dream translates to similar action in his sleep, causing him to fall through the entire bunk bed, causing it to collapse in a heap, on top of his two sleeping compatriots. This, in classic Moe fashion, angers him once again and he gives Curly a solid slug to the jaw. This dislodges the problem tooth and all is well. The boys fall asleep where they lie amongst the bed cushions and splintered wood.


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