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Kingdom  Fungi
Subdivision  Pezizomycotina
Higher classification  Hypocreomycetidae
Division  Ascomycota
Scientific name  Hypocreales
Rank  Order
Hypocreales Hypocreales Wikipedia

Lower classifications  Clavicipitaceae, Cordyceps, Beauveria, Nectriaceae, Trichoderma

Amy rossman single names in hypocreales and diaporthales

The Hypocreales are an order of fungi within the class Sordariomycetes, consisting of seven families, 237 genera, and 2647 species.


Hypocreales Hypocreales masenkotvar mykocz

Species of Hypocreales are usually recognized by their brightly colored, perithecial ascomata, or spore-producing structures. These are often yellow, orange or red.

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Genera incertae sedis

Hypocreales Hypocreales

According to the 2007 Outline of Ascomycota, the following genera within the Hypocreales have an uncertain taxonomic placement (incertae sedis), and have not been assigned to any family.

  • Bulbithecium
  • Emericellopsis
  • Entropezites
  • Escovopsis
  • Geosmithia
  • Hapsidospora
  • Leucosphaerina
  • Metadothella
  • Mycetophagites
  • Nigrosabulum
  • Payosphaeria
  • Peethambara
  • Peloronectria
  • Pseudomeliola
  • Scopinella
  • Ticonectria
  • Tilakidium
  • Ustilaginoidea

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