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Hussein Bakry Gazzaz

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Nationality  Saudi
Religion  Muslim

Spouse(s)  Suraya
Name  Hussein Gazzaz
Hussein Bakry Gazzaz

Born  May 12, 1925 (age 98) (1925-05-12) Makkah, Saudi Arabia
Occupation  Businessman Owner of Gazzaz Department Stores

Hussein Bakry Gazzaz (Born March 10, 1925) is a Saudi Arabian businessman who founded the Gazzaz Department Stores chain in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia.


Gazzaz is married to Suraya Ezz, an Egyptian of Turkish descendant. The couple have 10 children, Samy, Laila, Nariman, Assim, Nadia, Mohamed, Aida, Osama, Hala and Gehan.


Gazzaz attended Tah'deer El Be'that school; however, he left school at the age of 13 to pursue employment. Gazzaz's first business, a small counter in the hallway of Bab Ziyadah Makkah, was established in 1942. Gazzaz also worked for 2 years within the Saudi Ministry of Finance. Gazzaz gained experience and insight into diverse economic principles and business models through his employment within the Ministry of Finance.

In 1946, Gazzaz expanded his business to become the first agent in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia (KSA) to import Ca Train De Paris, an exclusive French fragrance. Many business owners in KSA found it difficult to obtain high-end luxury items from Europe; however, through writing personal letters to the directors of designer-brand companies Gazzaz developed a network of European contacts who supplied him with luxury goods. Subsequently, Gazzaz's business expanded to include imported perfumes, cosmetics, gift items and other luxury products.

As of May 2012, there were 35 Gazzaz Department Stores in KSA.

President Jacques Chirac

The President of France Jacques Chirac gave Hussein Gazzaz the medal of honor for being the biggest importer of cosmetics in the Middle East in the 90's.

Charity work

Sheikh Hussein invested more than 30 million Saudi Riyals for helping poverty and distributing medical aids.

Poem dedicated to Makkah

At the opening of "Gazzaz Maison" in the holy city of Makkah. The city Hussein Gazzaz was born in, Hussein Gazzaz dedicated this poem to his beloved city and its people:

"Makkah Oh dearest of lands I am Back though I have never been away

Even when away you are always in my heart

Makkah I have returned

To pay back some of your favours

Makkah I am back

with love and longing for boyhood

A never quenched longing to the Holy House you embrace.

Makkah I am back

with "Gazzaz Maison"

A proof of the sincerity of your beloving son."

Hussein Bakry Gazzaz


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