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Hussein Al Oweini

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President  Charles Helou
Preceded by  Riad Al Solh
Died  1971
President  Fouad Chehab
Role  Politician
Succeeded by  Rashid Karami
Name  Hussein Oweini
Preceded by  Rashid Karami
Succeeded by  Abdullah Arif Yafi

Hussein Al Oweini (24 December 1900 – 10 December 1971) was a Lebanese businessman and politician, who served as prime minister of Lebanon for two times. He also held other cabinet positions.


Early life

Oweini was born in 1900. He was a member of a Sunni family from Beirut.


Oweini went to Saudi Arabia and worked as a business agent for the Saudi royal family from 1923 to 1947. He also founded a company, Ne'ma Te'ma, in Riyadh. He served as Prime Minister of Lebanon for two times. He was first appointed prime minister on 14 February 1951 under president Fouad Chehab and replaced Riad Al Solh in the post. He was in office until 7 April 1951 and succeeded by Abdullah Arif Yafi. On 27 September 1957, Oweini and two other former prime ministers, namely Saeb Salam and Abdullah Yufi, were arrested on charges of planning an armed coup and riots during the elections held in May.

Oweini's second term as prime minister was from 20 February 1964 to 25 July 1965 under president Charles Helou. Both his predecessor and successor was Rashid Karami as prime minister. Oweini was the leader of the National Front. He also served as foreign minister of Lebanon for three times; from 1958 to 1960, in 1965 and from 1968 to 1969. During his third term as foreign minister, Oweini was also defense minister, since the cabinet was a four-man body led by Prime Minister Abdullah Yafi.


Oweini died on 10 December 1971, aged 70.


For his memory an award, Hussein Al Oweini award, is being given.


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