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Hurry Up and Wait (song)

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B-side  "Angie"
Format  CD, 7", MC
Genre  Rock
Released  November 8, 1999
Recorded  1998
Length  4:40

"Hurry Up and Wait" is the fifth single from rock band the Stereophonics and the final single taken from their second album Performance and Cocktails. It was released in November 1999. It reached #11 in the UK charts as did previous single I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio.


The song is track 3 on the album. A live version from Morfa Stadium is on CD2 of the "Hurry Up and Wait" singles. An acoustic version is on CD2 on the "Mr. Writer" singles.

The music video features the band parodying the 1969 film M*A*S*H.


  1. "Hurry Up and Wait"
  2. "Angie (Rolling Stones cover)"
  3. "I Wouldn't Believe Your Radio (Stuart Cable version)"


  1. "Hurry Up and Wait (Live at Morfa Stadium)"
  2. "I Stopped to Fill My Car Up (Live at Morfa Stadium)"
  3. "Billy Davey's Daughter (Live at Morfa Stadium)"


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