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Director  Abbas-Mustan
Release date  July 26, 2002 (India)
Language  Hindi
6.4/10 IMDb

Genre  Action, Musical, Mystery
Country  India
Humraaz movie poster
Writer  Shiraz Ahmed, Shyam Goel
Release date  5 July 2002
Music director  Himesh Reshammiya, Aadesh Shrivastava
Songs  Dil Ne Kar Liya
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Tagline  Karan and Priya Share a secret Raj wants to know the secret.

Sanam mere humraaz humraaz 2002 hd 1080p music video

Humraaz (Hindi: हमराज़, English: Confidant) is a 2002 Indian Hindi romantic thriller film directed by the duo Abbas-Mustan and produced under the Venus Movies banner. Released on 5 July 2002, it stars Bobby Deol, Akshaye Khanna and Amisha Patel in lead roles.




Karan (Akshaye Khanna) and Priya (Amisha Patel) are the lead pair of a dance troupe & in love with each other. They land a gig on a cruise ship (destined for Malaysia) owned by a rich businessman named Raj (Bobby Deol). Raj, who is attracted to Priya at first sight, doesn't know that Priya and Karan are in love. Raj quickly falls for Priya and she is totally swept off her feet. While Karan is unaware, Raj continues to romance and woo Priya. Eventually Raj proposes to Priya and she eagerly agrees to marry him.

The story takes a twist when we find out that Priya and Karan have been scheming and plotting all along to take Raj's money. So begins a treacherous love triangle, where greed, ambition and love cause turmoil in their lives. So they plan to get a divorce from Raj and become millionaires with the share Priya gets from divorce. But Raj loves Priya very dearly. Priya goes to Karan for the next plan for divorce. Karan instructs her not to be stressed. He would manage the divorce papers. She just needs to say that Raj never consummated the marriage because he is impotent. Meanwhile, another dancer from the troupe gets a wind of their plot & starts blackmailing Karan. Karan meets him at designated place to hand him over the money, but instead kills him. Unknown to Karan just before dying he calls Raj to reveal the truth. Since Raj is not in his office the call goes in the voice mailbox.

Worried with the dilemma of choosing caring husband over personal ambition, Priya meets with an accident while returning home. Raj showers Priya with all his love and care. Priya is overwhelmed to know Raj has kept a prayer for Priya's fast recovery and had kept a fast since 2 days. Priya decides to reveal the truth to Raj and hence tells Karan that she will not go through with the divorce. Karan feels betrayed and decides to get his revenge on Priya and Raj. He feigns a call from his troupe member & acts as if he is been harassed for bribe. Priya decides to give her jewellery to Karan in order to save him. However Karan calls Raj from public phone with voice over & lies to him that Priya loves Karan & she giving away money looted from Raj's to Karan. Raj follows her & sees that Priya meeting Karan & handing over her jewelery. Raj misunderstands and plots to punish her.

As per the plan, Raj has paid Karan to kill Priya and make it look like a robbery. Raj explains each and every point of the plan right up to precise time & doors to be used for murder & says that he will call on the landline as he wants to hear Priya scream while she is dying.

Priya unbeknownst, decides to confess everything to Raj in an audio recording and replace the tape with the music cassette in Raj's car. She knows that Raj has habit of hearing music while traveling to office. In the recordings she mentions that if Raj has forgiven her, he should give a call. If not she will leave him forever.

As luck would have it, Raj is traveling with an employee that day and hence doesn't listen to the tape. Karan enters the house as planned and waits for the call. At the same time Priya is also waiting for the call from Raj expecting him to forgive her. Raj calls the landline as planned, an excited Priya answers the phone. Karan attacks her at the same time and ensures Raj is able to hear her screams. Raj listens to the tape as he sits in the car in horror. He rushes to save Priya only to see the police and an ambulance waiting at the house.

It is revealed that Priya is saved and the saviour is none other than Karan, meanwhile a small time thug is dead. He then blackmails Raj saying he had recorded the meeting with him about the murder and to avoid any complications demands that Raj divorce Priya with large alimony as a part of his ransom plan. Karan reaches Raj's ancestral house and tries to blackmail Raj by pressuring him about the consequence to his extended family members if they find Raj is jailed for planning Priya's murder. Raj goes to meet Karan at a decided spot where he says he is ready to go to jail, but will not give any money to Karan. Both men break out in a fight, but stop when Priya arrives. Karan tells her about Raj's plan to kill her, but Priya says she is aware of it and knew Karan was blackmailing Raj. In the end, Priya kills Karan & reunites with Raj.

Box office

The movie performed very well at Box Office by earning lifetime gross of 650 million. The movie made a big profit since the whole production cost and marketing cost is just 150 million.This movie was Amisha Patel's back to back hit film after Kaho Na... Pyar Hai and Gadar.


The soundtrack of the film is composed by Himesh Reshammiya with lyrics provided by Sudhakar Sharma. According to the Indian trade website Box Office India, with around 22,00,000 units sold, this film's soundtrack album was the year's highest-selling.

Awards and nominations

Below is an incomplete list showing the awards and nominations Humraaz received:


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