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Huh Young man

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Full Name  Heo Hyeong-man
Hanja  許英萬
Role  Comics artist
Occupation  Manhwa artist
Spouse  Lee Myeong-ja
Years active  1974-present
McCune–Reischauer  Ho Yong-man
Parents  Park Ok-jeong, Heo Jong
Hangul  허영만
Name  Huh Young-man

Born  June 26, 1947 (age 68) (1947-06-26) Yeosu, South Jeolla Province, South Korea
Movies  Tazza: The High Rollers, Le Grand Chef, Mr Go, Beat, Le Grand Chef 2: Kimchi B
Similar People  Kang Hyeong‑cheol, Choi Dong‑hoon, Kim Yoon‑seok, Yong‑hwa Kim, Lee Ha‑nui

Revised Romanization  Heo Yeong-man

Huh Young-man (born June 26, 1947) is a South Korean manhwa artist.


Early life

Huh Young-man was born Heo Hyeong-man in present-day Yeosu, a far southern coastal city of South Jeolla Province, South Korea in 1947. He was the third child of eight children born to father Heo Jong (허종) and mother Park Ok-jeong (박옥정). Before and after the liberation of Korea from Japan in 1945, Huh's father had worked as a local policeman. When the Yeosu Rebellion occurred in 1948, Huh's family was in danger of being killed by the rebels. In contrast to Huh's father, his uncle was a communist, so that Huh's family was ironically protected by both sides. However, Huh was later told that he and his mother could've been killed during an incident in which some communists captured his father. This political conflict strongly influenced Huh's works such as Oh, Han River and Tajja.

After the Korean War was over, Huh's father worked for a while as an administrative officer at the Yeosu Office of Education, then later started his own business. Huh's mother ran a kitchenware store which became successful since Yeosu served as a trading base between neighboring islands.

Huh had wanted to study Western painting at university but because his father's anchovy fishery business was declining, he gave up his dream. Instead, Huh entered the manhwa world as an apprentice to a cartoonist.


In 1974, Huh debuted with In Search for Home (Jipeul chajaseo) through a competition seeking new cartoonists hosted by the Sonyeon Hankook Ilbo (Boy's Korean Times). His next comic, action-adventure Gaksital (lit. "Bridal Mask") was a big success, and Huh became famous. Since then, Huh's works have been recognized for their literary value and have gained wide popularity among the public. Several have been serialized in local dailies, including Sikgaek (lit. "Gourmet") for The Dong-a Ilbo, and Tajja and Saranghae (lit. "I Love You") for Sports Chosun. His comics have also been adapted into films and television series.


Note: the whole section is referenced.

  • 빛 좋은 개살구 (1974)
  • 총소리 (1974)
  • Gaksital (각시탈, 1974)
  • 태양을 향해 달려라 (1979)
  • 짚신왕자 (1980)
  • Spider Silk (무당거미, 1981)
  • 사마귀 (1982)
  • 쇠퉁소 (1982)
  • 태평양은 알고 있다 (1982)
  • 10번 타자 (1982)
  • 변칙복서 (1983)
  • 욕망의 수레바퀴 (1983)
  • 오늘은 마요일 (1983)
  • 황금충 (1984)
  • The 7th Team (제7구단, 1984)
  • 1+1+1 (1985)
  • 도롱뇽 구단의 골칫덩이들 (1985)
  • 아스팔트 위의 강풍 (1985)
  • 두 얼굴 (1985)
  • 단막극을 위한 소나타 (1986)
  • 날아라 슈퍼보드 (1986)
  • Chameleon's Poem (카멜레온의 시, 1986)
  • 동체이륙 (1987)
  • 2시간 10분 (1987)
  • 담배 한 개비 (1987)
  • 링의 골치덩이들 (1987)
  • Lonely Guitar Man (고독한 기타맨, 1987)
  • 질 수 없다 (1987)
  • Oh! Han River (오! 한강, 1987, writer: Kim Se-yeong (김세영)
  • 허슬러 (1988)
  • 대머리 감독님 (1988)
  • 야구타령 (1988)
  • 망치 (1988)
  • Wall (벽, 1988)
  • 퇴색공간 (1988)
  • 48+1 (1989)
  • 형제 (1989)
  • Mr. Hand (미스터 손, 1989)
  • 0점 인간 (1990)
  • 미로학습 (1990)
  • 세일즈 맨 (1990)
  • 19번 홀 (1990)
  • Asphalt Man (아스팔트의 사나이, 1991)
  • 무저갱 / 원제:벌레구멍 (1992)
  • 굿바이 아메리카 (1992)
  • 들개 이빨 (1992)
  • Mr. Q (미스터 Q, 1992)
  • Beat (비트, 1994)
  • Salesman (세일즈맨, 1994)
  • 닭목을 비틀면 새벽은 안온다 (1994)
  • 시의 밤송이 (1995)
  • Saranghae (1999, writer: Kim Se-yeong)
  • Tajja (타짜, 2000, writer: Kim Se-yeong)
  • Sikgaek (식객, 2003)
  • Boy's king Mangchi (꼬마대장 망치, 2004)
  • Hammerboy Mangchi (해머보이 망치, 2004)
  • Rich's Dictionary (부자사전, 2005)
  • Appearance (꼴, 2008)
  • Superboard (날아라 슈퍼보드)
  • Heo Heo Dongui Bogam (허허 동의보감, 2013)
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