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Country  Peru
District  Ate District
Region  Lima Region
Province  Lima Province
Huaycán Huaycn Lima Zona Z The Comunidad Urbana Autogestionaria Flickr

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The urban community of Huaycán (officially named Comunidad Urbana Autogestionaria de Huaycán) is a suburb of Lima, Peru, located in Ate District, approximately 16.5 kilometres east of Lima. It is home to thousands of immigrant settlers from different parts of Peru, looking to improve their standard of living and job opportunities in the city of Lima.


Huaycán Huaycn Lima Zona Z cementerio The Comunidad Urbana Au Flickr

Huaycán is also a notable archaeological site.

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Secretarios Generales of Huaycán

  • Raul Rodríguez Del Valle
  • Walter José Ortega Yllanes
  • Juan Lara Casabona
  • Pascuala Rosado
  • Godofredo Pulcha Villafuerte
  • Vicente Arce Céspedes
  • Rudy Noel Aliaga Castañeda

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    Huaycán Gobierno propone crear un nuevo distrito en Lima Poltica Gestionpe
    Huaycán Municipalidad Distrital de Ate
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