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8.2/10 TV

Created by  Paul Fenech
Directed by  Paul Fenech
First episode date  24 October 2011
Program creator  Paul Fenech
7.2/10 IMDb

Genre  Comedy
Written by  Paul Fenech
Narrated by  Ian Turpie (Season 1)
Network  Seoul Broadcasting System
Housos Housos is TV for bogans
Starring  Paul Fenech Tahir Bilgic Rob Shehadie Jason "Jabba" Davis Amanda Keller Ian Turpie Angry Anderson Melissa Tkautz Elle Dawe Kevin Taumata Kiri-Leigh Schmitt Ashur Simon Maret Archer Twinstar Stunts Andy McPhee Anthony Salame Vanessa Davis
Cast  Paul Fenech, Elle Dawe, Vanessa Davis, Jabba, Kevin Taumata

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Housos is an Australian comedy television series created by Paul Fenech for SBS, that screened on SBS One. The series is a satirical parody of low income Australian residents of fictional suburb Sunnyvale, who are living in Housing Commission public housing. On 1 November 2012, a film based on the series was released in Australian cinemas, titled Housos vs. Authority. On 9 September 2012 it was announced that Housos would return for a second series, which premiered 22 July 2013. On 27 November 2014 another film based on and continuing the storyline of the series entitled Fat Pizza vs. Housos was released.


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The majority of the cast of Housos are from Fenech's two previous series, Pizza and Swift and Shift Couriers. Some of the cast went on to star in the successful series Bogan Hunters on 7mate.

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  • Elle Dawe as Sharon "Shazza" Jones, Dazza's de facto & Vanessa Best Friend
  • Jason "Jabba" Davis as Darren "Dazza" Smith, Shazza's de facto & Franky's Best Friend
  • Paul Fenech as Franky Falzoni, Dazza's Best Friend
  • Fenech also appears as Franky's cousin, Pauly Falzoni from Pizza during series 2.
  • Kevin Taumata as Kevin Takamata, Franky & Dazza's Friend & Vanessa's de facto
  • Vanessa Davis as Vanessa "Nessa" Talawahoo, Kevin's de facto & Shazza's Best Friend
  • Ian Turpie as Wazza Jones, Shazza's Dad / Narrator of the Show (series 1)
  • Kiri-Leigh Schmitt as Kylie Harfoot, Franky's de facto (series 1)
  • Sabeena Manalis as Sabeena, Franky's cousin (Series 1)
  • Crystal Sullivan as Crystal, Kylie's Sister & Franky's on and off (defacto Frank's friend with benefits) (series 1)
  • Amanda Keller as Christina Rees, Sunnyvale Mayor (series 1)
  • Barry Crocker as the premier
  • Melissa Tkautz as Cheree, Franky's Ex de facto (series 1)
  • Liz Harper replaces Melissa Tkautz as Cheree in series 2.
  • Andrew Ausage as Junior, Cheree's Samoan de facto
  • Angry Anderson as Angry the Bikie, Leader of the Hunterz Bikie Gang ( season 1&2 also the movie )
  • Davey Cooper as Johnno, Angry's Dwarf-Sized Brother
  • Maret Archer as Beryl, Dazza's Mum
  • Stuart Rawe as Reg, Beryl's mentally disabled de facto as well as being Dazza's de facto stepfather
  • Chris Franklin as Darryl "Dazza" James, Dazza's Smith's cousin and Shazza's former de facto. (series 1)
  • Sam Greco as Dino Falzoni, Franky's gambling addicted brother who lives in Melbourne
  • George Kapiniaris as George, Franky's married in Greek cousin and Sabeena's father (series 1), later seen in series 2 as Donald Bradman's ghost as Dazza's Hallucinating
  • Alex Romano as Jimmy the Junkie, the leader of the junkie crew
  • Tahir Bilgic as Habib, Sunnyvale Assassins Member
  • Rob Shehadie as Rocky, Sunnyvale Assassins Member
  • Ashur Simon as Abdul, Sunnyvale Assassins Member
  • Ara Natarian as Ara, Sunnyvale Assassins Member
  • Mohammed Hammoud as Mo, Sunnyvale Assassins Member
  • Joe Mifsud as Samira Shabaz, Habib's mum who wears a burqa
  • Anthony Salame as the service station worker and Thwayne the McDonalds manager who dates Kylie on and off in series 1.
  • Nicole Sharrock as Hayley, Franky's de facto / Barmaid who is also in the Housos vs Authority Movie (series 2)
  • Amarli Inez as Candy, Franky's On-Off Girlfriend (series 2)
  • Derek Boyer as Bubbles, Junior's Cousin who harasses Dazza while in prison
  • John Mangos as himself (appearing as a news presenter)
  • Murray Harman as Officer Richard Head a Sunnyvale-based police officer
  • Garry Who as Officer Garry Kock a Sunnyvale-based police officer
  • James Thomas as himself (appearing as a current affairs reporter)
  • Renzo Renalto as Renzo, Centerlink case worker
  • Waseem Khan as Waseem, An Indian Centerlink case worker
  • Gregory King as Tank the bikie, Vice president of the Hunterz Bikie Gang
  • Notes

    Housos dvd review housos vs authority lip magazine
  • a "Junkies" first aired on SBS Two and later on SBS One.
  • b Viewers from broadcast airing on SBS Two.
  • Controversy

    Housos Housos Junkies Bashing YouTube

    Housos came under fire from a number of western Sydney residents, who had called on SBS not to put the series on air. A petition which was initiated by residents on a housing commission property received thousands of signatures, and the efforts gained support from local politicians. Mount Druitt MP Richard Amery presented the petition in Parliament in late April 2011. Housos was also at the centre of a controversy in February 2011 thanks to an erroneous attack by the Nine Network's A Current Affair, which initially claimed that the series was "reality TV". Nine Network later said that the mistake originated from an 18-year-old woman working at ninemsn. SBS was also forced to defend the show by stating that the series was not receiving funding from the government, and it was instead being funded by the network's own revenue raising activities.

    Awards and nominations

    Australian Writers' Guild

  • 2011: Comedy – Situation or Narrative ("Pregnant", nominated)
  • Logie Awards

  • 2014: Most Outstanding Light Entertainment Program (won)
  • References

    Housos Wikipedia

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