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House of Bourbon Maine

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Country  France
Dissolution  1775
Founded  1672
House of Bourbon-Maine
Parent house  House of Bourbon (legitimised royal branch)
Titles  duc du Maine, duc d'Aumale duc de Gisors (1762) prince de Dombes, Pince d'Anet comte d'Eu comte de Dreux baron de Sceaux
Founder  Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, duc du Maine

The House of Bourbon-Maine was an illegitimate branch of the House of Bourbon, being thus part of the Capetian dynasty. It was founded in 1672 when Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, duc du Maine was legitimised by his father, King Louis XIV of France.


History and Founder

Louis-Auguste, founder of the House of Bourbon-Maine, was the first-born illegitimate son of Louis XIV of France and his mistress, Madame de Montespan.

Immediately after his birth in 1670, he was entrusted to the care of Madame Scarron, one of his mother's acquaintances, who brought him to a private house on the rue de Vaugirard, close to the Luxembourg Palace, in Paris. In 1672, the king legitimised him and other younger siblings he had fathered with Mme de Montespan. At the time of his legitimation, Louis-Auguste received the title of duc du Maine.

In 1692, Louis Auguste married Anne-Louise-Bénédicte de Bourbon-Condé, the daughter of Henry III Jules de Bourbon, prince de Condé.

The Children of the duc du Maine

Louis-Auguste and his wife had seven children, only three of whom lived to adulthood. All died without issue.

  • Mademoiselle de Dombes, (11 September 1694 – 15 September 1694);
  • Louis Constantin de Bourbon, prince de Dombes, (Château de Versailles, 17 November 1695 – 28 September 1698);
  • Mademoiselle d'Aumale, (1697 – 24 August 1699);
  • Louis-Auguste de Bourbon, prince de Dombes, (château de Versailles, 4 March 1700 – 1 October 1755);
  • Louis-Charles de Bourbon, comte d'Eu, (Château de Sceaux, 15 October 1701 – château de Sceaux, 13 July 1775);
  • Charles de Bourbon, duc d'Aumale, (château de Versailles, 31 March 1704 – château de Sceaux, September 1708);
  • Louise-Françoise de Bourbon, titled Mademoiselle du Maine, (château de Versailles, 4 December 1707 – Château d'Anet, 19 August 1743).
  • The House of Bourbon-Maine became extinct at the death of Louis Charles de Bourbon, comte d'Eu. It had been in existence for just over a century.

    Other Illegitimate Houses

  • Bourbon-Busset
  • Bourbon-Vendôme (extinct)
  • Bourbon-Penthièvre (extinct, were cousins of the House of Bourbon-Maine through the duc du Maine's younger brother, the comte de Toulouse)
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