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Hossein Boland Akhtar

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Native name  حسین بلند اختر
Nationality  Iranian
Name  Hossein Akhtar

Hossein Boland Akhtar
Born  March 20, 1976 (1976-03-20) Tehran, Iran
Occupation  Mountaineering coach Mountain Rescue Ice climber Rock climber Ski touring

Hossein Boland Akhtar (Persian: حسین بلند اختر ‎‎, born 1976 in Tehran, Iran. He is one of the most well known mountaineers and ski tourers in Iran. His professional career as a climber started at the age of 20 in central Alborz range. He has been working as a coach at Mountaineering and sport climbing federation of the Islamic republic of Iran for several years and is known to have trained several popular climbers in rock and ice climbing.


Mountain Rescue

Being one of the most skilled rescuers in Alpine club and Mountaineering and sport climbing federation of the IRI, He played a major role in ‘Parou cave rescue in 2002. Another important highlight of his career occurred in 2010, rescuing rock climbers in Alam-Kuh wall.

Climbing Life

Hossein was one of the climbers who opened new routes on "Pol-e- khab", Alam-Kuh, Bisotun, "Akhlamad", "Sangesar-sol", and "Garmab-dasht". To complete his bold efforts, he successfully opened two other routes on western and northern walls of "Alam kouh" called "Alpine" and "Homa-ye-saadat".

Being the technical coach of the Iranian team, Hossein reached the 7134-meter ‘Lenin’ mountain peak in 2007.

Other highlights of his climbing experiences include:

-Climbing the icefalls of the Alps in France in winter 2007 and 2008, along with other international teams.

-Technical leading at ‘Trango tower’ peak at 6239 meters in ‘Karakoram’ ranges in the Himalayas in 2012, in which the Iranian climbing was honored to be rated as the 12th country ever reached the peak.


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