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Hospital Central

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Country of origin

No. of seasons

Running time
80 min. (approx.)

Final episode date
27 December 2012

Number of seasons


Original language(s)

No. of episodes

First episode date
30 April 2000

Number of episodes

Telecinco, Tele 5

Hospital Central Hospital Central TV Series 20002012 IMDb

Antonio ZabalburuLuís CastroBárbara MuñozPablo CarbonellBegoña MaestreJordi RebellónMónica EstarreadoMar ReguerasJosé LamuñoNani Jiménez

Los Serrano, Cuéntame cómo pasó, Love in Difficult Times, Al salir de clase, La que se avecina

Hospital Central (Central Hospital) (previously Línea Roja) is a Spanish television series that follows the professional and personal lives of the staff of the fictitious Hospital Central in Madrid. New episodes are shown by Telecinco network in Spain, and cable/satellite channel Factoría de Ficción reruns them a couple of weeks later. Another cable/satellite channel, AXN, reruns the old episodes.


Hospital Central De 39Hospital Central39 a no poder pagar la luz el drama de este

The series started in 2000 and finished in 2012 after its 20th season. It is often said to be a Spanish version of ER.

Chuck torres hospital central tv series

Recurring cast

  • Lucas (Arturo Arribas), SAMUR doctor.
  • Fernando (Alberto Mateo), SAMUR doctor.
  • Susana (Tamara Arias, seasons 13–15), Hector's girlfriend.
  • Alejandro Vilches (Kirian Sánchez, seasons 1–14), Dr. Vilches teenaged son. Years ago, he suffered a grave depression after his best friend died, and tried to kill himself by jumping out his window. He is anorexic.
  • Dr. Bernardo Ferreira (Miguel Nieto, seasons 1–3, special appearance in season 4), hospital director. He left after suffering a heart attack.
  • Dr. Miguel Seró (Ricard Rodriguez, seasons 2–4), a married pediatrician who had an affair with Andrea but ultimately returned to his wife and daughter.
  • Nurse Marcelina "Queca" Martínez (Pepa Roldán, seasons 3–11), an ER nurse who later married Rusti. She left the job to be a stay at home mom.
  • Dr. Manolo Hervás (Ferrán Rañé, season 3), a senior psychiatrist who sexually harassed Cristina and left the hospital when Santiago confronted him.
  • Gonzalo (Juli Fàbregas, season 3), the leader of a dangerous sect disguissed as a social worker, he managed to suck Diana in and killed Mario after he stopped his sect's mass suicide ritual. He finally killed himself.
  • Mª Angeles Cabrera (Sílvia Sabaté, seasons 4–11), Dr. Aimé's ex-wife and mother of his daughter. She was an alcoholic who got into an abusive relationship. Aimé had to rescue her, and they grew closer again. She recently died in a car crash.
  • Nacho Crespo (Aure Sánchez, seasons 4–6), Fran's brother. A graphic designer and illustrator who also was an ex-drug addict with a form of epilepsy. He fell in love with Eva and started dating her, until he found out she was cheating on him with his own brother Fran.
  • Germán Prada (Fernando Guillén, seasons 4–6), the hospital administrator. He had no qualms in doing what necessary to keep the status quo, and was Santiago's fiercest opponent.
  • Nurse Miriam Canalda (Leticia Dolera, season 7), an ER nurse and Dr. Davila's niece. She was a cocaine addict who finally agreed to rehabilitate.
  • Candela (Clara Lago, seasons 7–9), Cruz's teenaged daughter. She stayed with her mother after her parents divorced. She’s currently studying abroad.
  • Daniel "D.J." Alonso (Eloy Azorín, season 8), a medicine student who had a drunken one-night with Cruz and fell in love with her, but she refused his advances. He finally left medicine to follow his dream to become a disc-jockey in Ibiza.
  • Gabriela Dávila (Marta Solaz, seasons 8–12), Dr. Davila's daughter who got diagnosed with cancer, but survived. During the treatment, she started a relationship with Héctor.
  • Belén (Eva Marciel, season 8–12), Javier's wife. She was very much in love with him and didn’t take well his leaving her. She's doing everything in her hand to prevent him from seeing their son, including moving to another town and claiming it wasn’t really his son.
  • Ágata Monasterio (Laura Pamplona, season 12), a high-ranking employee from the Ministry of Health who kept interfering in everything to make the hospital more cost-efficient. She took the job of hospital administrator, and fired Dávila among other things. She also tried to seduce Vilches, but failed.
  • Tomás Carrero (Rafa Reaño, seasons 12–13), a police inspector. He's had an on-and-off relationship with Mónica for some time.
  • Marina Lara (Lara Corrochano', season 12), Raúl’s sister. She was an alcoholic in the midst of a divorce, when she disappeared. It was later found out that her husband had accidentally killed her in a discussion.
  • Special guest stars

    Hospital Central Picture of Hospital Central

    During these eight years, Hospital Central also got some well-known actors and artists in Spain to do take on guest starring roles. Some of them were:

    Hospital Central Hospital Central Ficha Series de televisin

  • Pilar López de Ayala
  • José Sacristán
  • Pilar Bardem
  • Agustín González
  • José Luis López Vázquez
  • Lolita Flores (4-episode story arc)
  • Jorge Sanz
  • Chenoa as herself
  • David Bisbal as himself
  • Julieta Venegas as herself (with musical show included)
  • Sancho Gracia as himself
  • Lucia Caraballo as Nadia and as Nuria
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