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Horrors of the Black Museum

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Director  Arthur Crabtree
Music director  Gerard Schurmann
Country  United Kingdom US
6/10 IMDb

Genre  Horror
Screenplay  Herman Cohen, Aben Kandel
Language  English
Horrors of the Black Museum movie poster
Writer  Herman Cohen, Aben Kandel
Release date  29 April 1959 (US)
Cast  Michael Gough (Edmond Bancroft), June Cunningham (Joan Berkley), Graham Curnow (Rick), Geoffrey Keen (Supt. Graham), Shirley Anne Field (Angela Banks), Gerald Anderson (Dr. Ballan)
Similar movies  Fright, Mesmerist and Country Couple, Trance, Tales of Terror, Witchery, Abbott and Costello Meet the Killer, Boris Karloff
Tagline  It Actually Puts YOU In The Picture - Can You Stand It?

Horrors of the black museum 1959 usa trailer

Horrors of the Black Museum (1959) is a British-American horror film starring Michael Gough and directed by Arthur Crabtree.


Horrors of the Black Museum movie scenes

It was the first film in what film critic David Pirie dubbed Anglo-Amalgamated's "Sadian trilogy" (the other two being Circus of Horrors and Peeping Tom), with an emphasis on sadism, cruelty and violence (with sexual undertones), in contrast to the supernatural horror of the Hammer films of the same era.

Horrors of the Black Museum movie scenes


Horrors of the Black Museum wwwgstaticcomtvthumbmovieposters1735p1735p

Frustrated thriller writer Edmond Bancroft (Michael Gough) owns a private "black museum" of torture instruments. He hypnotises his assistant Rick (Graham Curnow) to commit increasingly horrific crimes for Bancroft to write about.


Horrors of the Black Museum ReviewOMatic Blog Archive Horrors of the Black Museum 1959
  • Michael Gough as Edmond Bancroft
  • June Cunningham as Joan Berkley
  • Graham Curnow as Rick
  • Shirley Anne Field as Angela Banks
  • Geoffrey Keen as Superintendent Graham
  • Gerald Anderson as Dr. Ballan
  • John Warwick as Inspector Lodge
  • Beatrice Varley as Aggie
  • Austin Trevor as Commissioner Wayne
  • Malou Pantera as Peggy
  • Howard Greene as Tom Rivers
  • Dorinda Stevens as Gail Dunlap
  • Stuart Saunders as Strength-Test Barker
  • Hilda Barry as Woman in Hall
  • Nora Gordon as Woman in Hall
  • Vanda Godsell as Miss Ashton
  • Gerald Case as Bookshop Manager
  • Geoffrey Denton as Sergeant at Jail
  • William Abney as Patrol Constable No. 1
  • Howard Pays as Patrol Constable No. 2
  • Frank Henderson as Medical Examiner
  • Garard Green as Fingerprint Expert
  • Sydney Bromley as Neighbour
  • John Harvey as Man in Bookshop
  • Marianne Stone as Neighbour
  • Production

    Horrors of the Black Museum Horrors of the Black Museum 1959 IMDb

    Producer Herman Cohen said he got the idea for the film after reading a series of newspaper articles about Scotland Yard's Black Museum. He arranged through a contact to visit the museum, then wrote a treatment and later collaborated with Aben Kandel on the screenplay. Cohen says the use of binoculars as murder weapons, and all the other instruments of death in the film, were based on real-life murder cases.

    Horrors of the Black Museum Horrors of the Black Museum 1959 REVIEW The Spooky Isles

    Half the money for the budget was provided by Nat Cohen and Stuart Levy of Anglo-Amalgamated in the UK, the other half from American International Pictures. It was the first movie from AIP in CinemaScope and colour.

    Horrors of the Black Museum Poster for Horrors of the Black Museum 1959 UK Wrong Side of

    The credited producer was Jack Greenwood, but Herman Cohen says this came about to ensure the film qualified for the Eady levy, and in fact, Greenwood was more of an associate producer assisting Cohen.

    Horrors of the Black Museum Horrors of the Black Museum 1959 The House Of Stuff

    Cohen wanted to hire Vincent Price for the lead and also considered Orson Welles, but Anglo-Amalgamated pushed for a British actor in the lead, as it would be cheaper, so they decided to use Michael Gough. Arthur Crabtree was hired on the basis of his work on Fiend Without a Face."The price was right, and the old guy needed a job and I hired him," recalled Cohen. "And he was exactly what I wanted and needed as a good craftsman."

    Horrors of the Black Museum 4 Movie Reviews Day of the Triffids Fan of the Dead The Horrors

    A thirteen-minute prologue featuring hypnotist Emile Franchele and HypnoVista was added for the US release by James H. Nicholson of AIP, who felt the movie needed another gimmick. "We tested it in a few theaters, and the audience went for it like crazy...hokey as it was," recalled Cohen. "It helped make the picture a success, I guess, 'cause people were looking for gimmicks at that time."


    Horrors of the Black Museum Horrors of the Black Museum 1959 Popcorn Pictures

    The film was given a wide release in the US on a double bill with The Headless Ghost. It was very popular and earned over $1 million in profits. Cohen estimated 72% of the audience for this sort of film was aged between 12 and 26.

    Cohen says when the movie was released on television they had to take off the hypnotism prologue "because it does hypnotize some people."

    The film was later inducted into the Museum of Modern Art at the behest of Martin Scorsese.

    Horrors of the black museum the movie


    Horrors of the Black Museum Wikipedia
    Horrors of the Black Museum IMDbHorrors of the Black Museum

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