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Hong Ying

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Hong Ying


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Daughter of the river, Concubine of Shanghai, Summer of betrayal, I Too Am Salammbo, K El Arte Del Amor

Adam Williams marries Chinese author Hong Ying in Italian hill-top village!

Hong Ying (Chinese: 虹影; pinyin: Hóng Yǐng) is a Chinese author.


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Hong was born in Chongqing on September 21, 1962, towards the end of the Great Leap Forward. She began to write at eighteen, leaving home shortly afterwards to spend the next ten years moving around China, exploring her voice as a writer via poems and short stories. After brief periods of study at the Lu Xun Academy in Beijing and Shanghai’s Fudan University, Hong Ying moved to London in 1991 where she settled as a writer. She returned to Beijing in 2000.


Hong Ying Adam Williams marries Chinese author Hong Ying in Italian hilltop

Best known in English for the novels K: the Art of Love, Summer of Betrayal, Peacock Cries, and her autobiography Daughter of the River, Hong Ying has been published in twenty languages and has appeared on the bestseller lists of numerous countries. She won the Prize of Rome for K: the Art of Love in 2005 and many of her books have been or are now in the process of being turned into television series and films.

Hong Ying The Wedding of Adam Williams and Chinese author Hong Ying

Hong Ying has long been interested in the stories of homosexuals living in China, a theme explored here and in her short story collection, A Lipstick Called Red Pepper: Fiction About Gay and Lesbian Love in China 1993–1998. In her work, she likes to focus on human stories, hardship and history. Her responsibility as a writer, she believes, is in part to explore the lives of marginalised groups struggling for visibility – and for compassion – in contemporary China.

Hong Ying Adam Williams marries Chinese author Hong Ying in Italian hilltop

In recent years, Hong Ying has written a number of books for children: Mimidola: the River Child; The Girl from the French Fort; The Legend of Liya; New Moon Rise.

Personal life

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Hong Ying is married to Adam Williams, born 1953, a banker and businessman turned writer. Williams is a fourth generation British born to a family with colonial ties to the Far East. They have been married since 2009 and have a daughter Sybil. They live in London and Le Marche, Italy.


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