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Hisar Leskovac

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Address  Leskovac, Serbia
Hisar Leskovac

Kk hisar leskovac kk metalac valjevo

Hisar hill is an archaeological site and a nature park, an area of 10.6 hectares, over Leskovac. to elevation of 341 meters.


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Name of the hill dates from the Osamsnskog Empire and means fortification in the defense, solidly built, rock and brick, with or without a tower. Under this type of fortification, was called Hisardžik - fortress. Hisari were the most important cities Spa and Dubočice, Rovinj and Leskovac, as evidenced by the names of the hill on which are raised.

In itinerary in " Serbia - land and population " from in 1904., one of the best connoisseurs of South Eastern Europe Felix Kanitz wrote:

Three bridges connect parts of the city, through which flows Veternica and where minarets and roofs dormitory built over the dark trees, reminiscent of the former rule of the Turks. Oh it would have a lot to say and Hisar, 350 it high hill with a castle on the left bank of the river. George Brown else 1677. video there castle, which is ruled barovitom surrounding plain.

On the hill there is a transmitter TV Leskovac, The Monument to the Unknown Soldier, erected 1922. Anonymous in honor of the captain, who on 26 October 1915 was killed in the fighting in Leskovac Morava Offensive (1915), as well as a memorial park on the eastern slope, built in 1971, according to the preliminary design of the architect Bogdan Bogdanovic. There is also a memorial plaque to remember the first gathering of workers in the Leskovac area in 1897.

Archaeological site

At the archaeological site of 130 hectares since 1999. was performed continuously archaeological research, led by Milorad Stojic from the Archaeological Institute in Belgrade.

At Hisar were located village of Neolithic and Copper, Bronze and Iron Age, the Rome, Byzantine and the Ottoman period, and there was discovered the oldest center of metallurgy in Europe. On it they found numerous cases, most notably from the Neolithic period. Found in the ore iron, mill for its logs, called cake, and amorphous iron weighs more pounds, stoves, duvaljci, pit where manufactured charcoal, huge amounts of slag and some metal objects that are produced there.

  • There have been found the most beautiful examples of medieval glass decorated in full color, and remain settlements from around 1400. year, including silver coins Stefan Lazarevic, before he became a despot.
  • Year 2001. found a multilayered settlement Brnjica culture, the group that develops from 1300 to 1050 the PN, a najrpe was found sites in Kosovo.
  • Amateur archeologist Šćepan Turović discovered the 2002nd The object of the form pins 64.5 inches long, from stainless steel, and the case called " Turović needle ". After many tests it was determined that the needle from the period of 1300 years p. n. e. Today metallurgy technology knows that the needle is made. The needle is made of pure iron, and does not contain impurities other elements, and therefore exceeds the standard for the American Iron. Because of the extraordinary value of the object is kept in the safe of a state institution. After prinalska " Turović needles " arehološka research at this site are particularly intensified. Archaeologists during further excavations revealed several similar objects made of iron, the same purity and several furnaces for smelting and making the case. All date from the 13th and 14th centuries BC. It is believed that the oldest deposits of iron processing plant in the world, which moves the Iron Age period of several centuries ago. ten kilometers south of Delhi I'm in India, near the Qutab Minar tower, wonders of architecture from the 13th century, stands a mosque from the 12th century. In Predvor mosque there is a pillar 7.30 m high, and it is written in Sanskrit texts from which we learn that the stub in 5.veku, raised a Hindu king Chandra Varman. Pillar is completely pure iron, free from corrosion, therefore, it is the same basic characteristics as Turović needle. It is certain that they are made by the same technological principles unknown to modern science.
  • 15 September 2005. was found on this site is another iron object in the form of needles which date from the 14th century BC. This discovery making this archaeological site in the most exclusive red.
  • A rare copy of prehistoric silver buckles found the 2005, in necropolis starobalkanskih people Tribals and Dardan.
  • This archaeological site was found in the Roman rampart, buried in a prehistoric fortification of the 14th century BC, with interesting fragments of frescoes, which suggests that these walls belonged to a sacred complex.
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