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Kingdom  Animalia
Scientific name  Hirudo
Phylum  Annelida
Order  Arhynchobdellida
Family  Hirudinidae
Higher classification  Hirudinidae
Rank  Genus
Hirudo Hirudo medicinalis Wikiwand
Similar  Medicinal leech, Hirudo verbana, Hirudinidae, Arhynchobdellida, Haemopis sanguisuga

Warframe the life leech hirudo

Hirudo is a genus of leeches of the family Hirudinidae. It was described by Linnaeus in 1758.


There are two well-accepted species within the genus:

  • Hirudo medicinalis Linnaeus, 1758
  • Hirudo nipponia Whitman, 1886
  • Three other species, previously synonymized with Hirudo medicinalis, were described in 2005 and are gaining acceptance:

  • Hirudo verbana
  • Hirudo orientalis
  • Hirudo sulukii
  • Hirudo troctina
  • Warframe hirudo


    Hirudo Hirudo Medicinalis leech Hirudo Medicinalis leech Suppliers and

    Species are typically exterior feeders. They have jaws that typically consist of approximately 60 teeth and do not possess papillae.


    Hirudo neuronbankorgwikiimages882Hirudojpg

    Hirudo medicinalis: Britain and southern Norway to the southern Urals, probably as far as the Altai Mountains (the deciduous arboreal zone)
    Hirudo verbana: Switzerland and Italy to Turkey and Uzbekistan (the Mediterranean and sub-boreal steppe zone)
    Hirudo orientalis: Transcaucasian countries, Iran, and Central Asia (mountainous areas in the sub-boreal eremial zone)
    Hirudo sulukii: Kara Lake of Adiyaman, Sülüklü Lake of Gaziantep and Segirkan wetland of Batman in Turkey
    Hirudo troctina: North-western Africa and Spain (Mediterranean zone)
    Hirudo nipponia: East Asia, including Far East district in Russian, Japan, Korea, China, Mongolia, Ryukyu Islands and Taiwan

    H. verbana is further divided into non-overlapping Eastern and Western phylogroups.

    Medical Use

    Hirudo Hirudo Medicinalis and Hirudo Verbana for sale Hirudo Horti

    While H. medicinalis has long been used in hirudotherapy, and is approved by the US FDA as a prescription medical device, a 2007 study employing genetic analysis found that the species being marketed as H. medicinalis, possibly for decades, was the recently distinguished H. verbana.

    Conservation Status

    Hirudo Hirudo Medicinalis and Hirudo Verbana for sale Hirudo Horti

    A 2010 study of data gathered four species proposed an IUCN status of Near Threatened for H. medicinal is, H. verbana, and H. orientalis, and a status of Data Deficient for Hirudo troctina.


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