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Hiroden nishi hiroshima Station

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Station code  M19
Opened  8 December 1912
Address  Japan
Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima Station
Location  1-2527-2, Koi-honmachi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima Japan
Operated by  Hiroshima Electric Railway
Line(s)  Hiroden █ Main Line and █ Miyajima Line Route
Connections  █ Sanyo Main Line at Nishi-Hiroshima Station
Similar  Nishi‑Hiroshima Station, Higashi‑takasu Station, Hiroden‑miyajima‑guchi Station, Fukushima‑cho Station, Hiroshima Station

Hiroshima electric railway main line tokaichimachi to hiroden nishi hiroshima

Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima Station (Koi) is a Hiroden terminal station on Hiroden Main Line and Hiroden Miyajima Line, located south side of the JR Nishi-Hiroshima Station in Koi-hon-machi, Nishi-ku, Hiroshima.


hiroden nishi hiroshima station


From Nishi-hiroshima Station, there are two of Hiroden Streetcar routes.

  • Hiroshima Station - Hiroden-miyajima-guchi Route
  • Most trains goes straight through from each side.
  • Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima - Hiroshima Port Route
  • Platforms

  • No.1 for Hiroden-miyajima-guchi (#2, Miyajiam Line)
  • No.2 for Hiroshima Station (#2, Main Line)
  • No.3 for Hiroden-miyajima-guchi (#2, Miyajiam Line)
  • No.4 for Hiroshima Port (departure) (#3, Main Line)
  • No.5 from Hiroshima Port (arrival)
  • No.6 for Hiroden-honsha-mae or Hiroshima Port (for rush hours)
  • No.7 (not used)
  • Connections

    Main Line / Miyajima Line
    Main Line

    JR lines

  • JR lines connections at Nishi-Hiroshima Station
  • Bus services routes

  • Bus services routes connections at Nishi-Hiroshima Station
  • History

  • Opened as "Koi" tram stop of Main Line for municipal connection on December 8, 1912.
  • Opened as "Koi-machi" station of Miyajima Line for suburban connection on August 22, 1922.
  • Renamed the station on Miyajima Line from "Koi-machi" to "Nishi-Hiroshima" on August 22, 1931.
  • Started the through train operation to connect Main Line and Miyajima Line directly in 1962.
  • Renamed the station on Miyajima Line from "Nishi-Hiroshima" to "Hiroden-Nishi-Hiroshima" on October 1, 1969.
  • Started the through train operation for every trains in 1991.
  • Rebuilt both "Koi" and "Hiroden-Nishi-Hiroshima" stations together as one station "Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima (Koi)" station on November 1, 2001.
  • References

    Hiroden-nishi-hiroshima Station Wikipedia

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