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Hiren Bhattacharyya

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Nationality  Indian
Name  Hiren Bhattacharyya
Known for  Poet
Role  Poet

Spouse(s)  Parul Devi
Died  July 4, 2012, Guwahati
Children  1 daughter
Awards  Sahitya Akademi Award
Hiren Bhattacharyya with his white hair wearing a white collared shirt outside

Born  28 July 1932 (1932-07-28) Jorhat, Assam
Other names  HirudaSugandhi Pokhilar KobiPrem aru Rodalir Kobi
Parent(s)  Tirthanath Bhattacharyya and Snehalata Bhattacharyya
Died  4 July 2012 (aged 79) , Guwahati, Assam

Similar  Jyoti Prasad Agarwala , Hiren Gohain , Nabakanta Barua

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Hiren Bhattacharyya (Assamese: হীৰেন ভট্টাচাৰ্য) (28 July 1932 – 4 July 2012) was one of the best known poets worked in the Assamese language. He had innumerable works published in Assamese and achieved many prizes and accolades for his poetry. He is known as Hiruda (Assamese: হীৰুদা) among his fans. Prem aru Rodalir Kobi (Poet of Love and Sunshine) (Assamese: প্ৰেম আৰু ৰ'দালিৰ কবি) is his other name in the Assamese literature.


Hiren Bhattacharyya sitting on a couch wearing a brown and gray shirt, and a brown coat

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Hiren Bhattacharyya Hiren "Hiren Bhattacharya / Hiren Bhattacharyya [ Hiru da..aru nai ]" | Courtesy of Youtube

Bhattacharyya was born in Jorhat district at Assam in the year 1932. His father was Tirthanath Bhattacharyya and his mother was Snehalata Bhattacharyya. His father was a jailer, and as such as a child he was roamed all over Assam with his family and that was his first inspiration to become a poet. After battling for life almost three months, he died at 11:30 AM on 4 July 2012 in Guwahati, Assam.

Literary works

Bhattacharyya mainly worked in the field of Assamese poetry. He was the editor of several Assamese magazines and newspapers. Some of the newspapers he worked on are Chitrabon, Monon and Antorik. He was the poetry editor of the Assamese magazine Prantik for over three decades.


His published anthologies of poetry include:

  • Roudro Kamona (1968)
  • Kobitar Rod (1976)
  • Tomar Bahi
  • Xugondhi Pokhilaa (1981)
  • Mor Desh aru Mor Premor Kobita (1972)
  • Bibhinno Dinor Kobita
  • Shoichor Pothar Manuh (1991)
  • Mur Prio Bornomala (1995)
  • Bhalpuwar Buka Mati' (1995)
  • Bhalpuwar Dikcou Batere (2000)
  • Collections of nursery rhymes
  • Lora Dhemali (1991)
  • Akon Dhemali (1991)
  • Others-
  • Ancient Gongs, (English Translation)
  • Jonaki Mon O Onyano etc. (Bengali Translation)
  • Few sample stanzas from the famous poems are :

    Chuliot Rupali Rong Lagise

    Beya Nedekhi Lagok
    Sonali Khini Mosi Nidiba Buku Juri Thakok...

    Mrityutow ata shilpo,
    jibonor kothin shilot kota nirlohb bhaskarjya


    1. Baharatiya Bhasha Parishad Award in 1993.
    2. Bishnu Rava Bota, 1958
    3. Rajaji Puroskar, 1984-85 awarded by Bharatiya Bidya Bhawan
    4. Soviet Desh Neheru Bota, 1987
    5. Sahitya Akademi Award in 1992 for his anthology of poems 'Saichor Pathar Manuh'.
    6. Assam Valley Literary Award, (Asom Upotyoka Sahitya Bota) 2000 awarded by Megor Sikhya Nyash


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