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Hiran River

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- location  Arabian Sea, India
Basin area  518 kmĀ²
Country  India
Length  40 km
Source  Gir Forest
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Unique endangered dominant asiatic lion drink water at hiran river in central gir forest india

Hiran River is a river in Gujarat in western India whose source is near the Sasa hills in Gir forest. Its drainage basin has a maximum length of 40 km. The total catchment area of the basin is 518 km. Its major tributaries are Saraswati river and Ambakhoi stream, and many other unknown branches make this river almost complete near Talala town. Hiran river is a major river system which supports a variety of wildlife ecological systems and human settlements. Kamleshwar Dam, often known as Hiran1 and Umrethi Dam, are some of the major projects on the river. As the river flows from the western part of Gir forest, it is a major source of water for the forest ecology and biodiversity for the whole year.


Map of Hiran River, Gujarat

Crocodile hunted a spotted deer in hiran river in the gir national park gujarat india


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