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Hime (fish)

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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Aulopidae
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Aulopiformes
Class  Actinopterygii
Scientific name  Hime
Rank  Genus
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People also search for  Hime curtirostris, Hime japonica

Hime is a genus of flagfins native to the eastern Indian Ocean and the western Pacific Ocean.


There are currently 8 recognized species in this genus:

  • Hime capitonis M. F. Gomon & Struthers, 2015 (New Caledonian flagfin)
  • Hime caudizoma M. F. Gomon & Struthers, 2015 (Indonesian flagfin)
  • Hime curtirostris (J. M. Thomson, 1967) (Short-snout threadsail)
  • Hime formosana (S. C. Lee & W. C. Chao, 1994)
  • Hime japonica (G√ľnther, 1877) (Japanese thread-sail)
  • Hime microps Parin & Kotlyar, 1989
  • Hime pyrhistion M. F. Gomon, Struthers & A. L. Stewart, 2013 (Flaming flagfin)
  • Hime surrubea M. F. Gomon & Struthers, 2015 (Rosy flagfin)
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