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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Orchideae
Scientific name  Himantoglossum
Rank  Genus
Family  Orchidaceae
Subtribe  Orchidinae
Higher classification  Orchids
Order  Asparagales
Himantoglossum Himantoglossum robertianum
Lower classifications  Himantoglossum hircinum, Barlia robertiana, Himantoglossum adriaticum, Himantoglossum caprinum

Himantoglossum jankae caprinum lizard orchid greek orchids

Himantoglossum is a genus of orchids native to the Canary Islands, Europe, southwest Asia and northern Africa. Its members generally have a labellum which is divided into three parts, of which the middle part is the longest.


Himantoglossum Himantoglossum Wikipdia a enciclopdia livre

The genera Comperia and Barlia are now included in Himantoglossum.

Himantoglossum robertianum


As of April 2014, the World Checklist of Selected Plant Families recognizes the following species:

Himantoglossum Generi della flora italiana Himantoglossum
  • Himantoglossum adriaticum H.Baumann - Italy, Austria, Czech Republic
  • Himantoglossum calcaratum (Beck) Schltr. - Greece, Bulgaria, European Turkey, former Yugoslavia
  • Himantoglossum caprinum (M.Bieb.) Spreng.
  • Himantoglossum caprinum subsp. caprinum - Crete and other Greek Islands, Crimea, Iran, Iraq, Turkey, Palestine, Israel
  • Himantoglossum caprinum subsp. rumelicum H.Baumann & R.Lorenz - Czech Republic, former Yugoslavia, Greece, Krimea, North Caucasus, Turkey, Palestine, Israel
  • Himantoglossum comperianum (Steven) P.Delforge (syn. Comperia comperianum) - Crimea, Greek Islands, Turkey, Iran, Iraq, Syria, Lebanon, Palestine, Israel
  • Himantoglossum formosum (Steven) K.Koch - Caucasus, Iran
  • Himantoglossum galilaeum Shifman - Israel
  • Himantoglossum hircinum (L.) Spreng. - southern and central Europe, North Africa, and Middle East from Britain south to Morocco, east to Iraq
  • Himantoglossum jankae Somlyay, Kreutz & Óvári -Balkans, Turkey, Hungary, Slovakia
  • Himantoglossum metlesicsianum (W.P.Teschner) P.Delforge - Canary Islands
  • Himantoglossum montis-tauri Kreutz & W.Lüders - Turkey, Greek Islands
  • Himantoglossum robertianum (Loisel.) P.Delforge (syn. Barlia robertianum) - Mediterranean from Portugal and Morocco east to Turkey
  • Himantoglossum × samariense C.Alibertis & A.Alibertis - Crete

  • Himantoglossum BOTANYcz HIMANTOGLOSSUM ADRIATICUM H Baumann Adriatic Lizard
    Himantoglossum httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu
    Himantoglossum FileHimantoglossum caprinum Griechenland 726 76jpg Wikimedia
    Himantoglossum FileHimantoglossum hircinum inflorescencejpg Wikimedia Commons
    Himantoglossum FileHimantoglossum hircinum plantjpg Wikimedia Commons
    Himantoglossum Thumbnails p


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