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Hildebrando Pascoal

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Name  Hildebrando Pascoal

Role  Politician
Hildebrando Pascoal Justia concede progresso para o regime semiaberto a

Born  17 January 1952 (age 63) Rio Branco, State of Acre, Brazil (1952-01-17)
Nickname(s)  The Chainsaw Representative

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Hildebrando Pascoal Nogueira Neto (born 17 January 1952), popularly known as the Deputado Motosserra (chainsaw representative), is a Brazilian politician and former colonel of Acre State Military Police. He was elected as a federal representative by PFL, but was expelled by his party after revelations of his criminal activity.


He is most well known for his brutality, which included torturing his victims through dismemberment by chainsaw, then killing them with either a stake or bullet through the head.

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Crimes and career

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Hildebrando worked most of his career in the Military Police, earning the rank of commander and then colonel. He then was elected to be a State Representative, in 1994, with the support of Orleir Cameli and Ronivon Santiago (both of whom have also been investigated for corruption). As early at 1995, Brazilian human rights groups and the Ministry of Justice (Brazil) were investigating Hildebrando. During these early periods, there were widespread reports that he was dismembering victims with a chainsaw and participating in the very drug trafficking trade that he was tasked with reducing. However, during this investigation, most of the witnesses were assassinated, including a former accomplice of Hildebrando, named SebastiĆ£o Crispim. He was found dismembered with his eyes torn out. Another witness was kidnapped with his two sons, ruthlessly tortured, and then killed. Others were killed and then dissolved in acid.

His most famous killing was of the Baiano, Agilson Firmino dos Santos. He was a mechanic that was rumored to have participated in the killing of Hildebrando's brother. He tortured Santos and chopped him to pieces with a chainsaw.

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While leading the criminal enterprise in the state, he participated in violent and horrific methods of enforcing his criminal rule. "One witness said he had accompanied Mr Pascoal across the border to Bolivia, where the congressman picked up nearly 1,000kg of cocaine. The same witness said that under orders from his boss he had helped to kill 10 people."

Attempt at national politics

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Despite these accusations, Hildebrando was elected to serves a Federal Representative in the Chamber of Deputies, in 1998. A few months later, in 1999, Hildebrando was forced to resign after official chargers were levied against him.


In 2006 (and reaffirmed in 2009),Hildebrando was convicted of murder, attempted murder, kidnapping, torture, electoral corruption, leading a death squad in Acre, and coordinating an organized crime operation for drug trafficking and cargo theft. He has been sentenced to serve 18.5 years in prison. However, with cases still pending, he could face more than 100 years.


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