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Hilary Duff concert tours

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Associated album  Metamorphosis
End date  March 21, 2004
No. of shows  29 in North America
Start date  November 17, 2003
Legs  3
Hilary Duff concert tours

This is a description of the concert tours that American singer-songwriter Hilary Duff has embarked on during her professional career.


Metamorphosis Tour

Metamorphosis Tour is the first concert tour by the American pop singer Hilary Duff. The tour supported Duff's studio album Metamorphosis. The concert at the Ventura Theatre was filmed and released on Hilary Duff: The Concert – The Girl Can Rock.



  1. "Girl Can Rock"
  2. "Little Voice"
  3. "Come Clean"
  4. "Sweet Sixteen"
  5. "Anywhere But Here"
  6. "Metamorphosis"
  7. "Where Did I Go Right"
  8. "Love Just Is"
  9. "The Math"
  10. "Workin' It Out"
  11. "Party Up"
  1. "My Generation"
  2. "So Yesterday"
  3. "Why Not"


  1. "Girl Can Rock"
  2. "Little Voice"
  3. "Come Clean
  4. "So Yesterday
  5. "Anywhere But Here"
  6. "Metamorphosis"
  7. "Sweet Sixteen"
  8. "Where Did I Go Right"
  9. "Love Just Is"
  10. "Why Not"
  11. "The Math"
  12. "Working It Out
  13. "Party Up"

Tour dates

Festivals and other miscellaneous performances
A Mix 93.3 Jingle Jam V B 106.1 Kiss FM Kissmas Jingle Ball C KRBE 104 Jingle Jam D Jingle Ball E 95.7 KISSmas Snow Ball

Most Wanted Tour

Most Wanted Tour is the second concert tour by the American pop singer Hilary Duff. The tour supported Duff's studio album, Hilary Duff. The tour was a moderate success, practically selling out each arena prior to the show.

Opening acts

  • Haylie Duff (North America, Summer 2004)
  • Scott Cain (Australia)
  • Setlist

    1. "The Girl Can Rock"
    2. "Little Voice"
    3. "Weird"
    4. "Come Clean"
    5. "Anywhere But Here"
    6. "Metamorphosis"
    7. "So Yesterday"
    8. "Haters"
    9. "Where Did I Go Right?"
    10. "Do You Want Me?"
    11. "Workin' it Out"
    12. "Why Not"
    13. "Party Up"
    14. "Rock This World"
    15. "Fly"
    16. "The Getaway"
    17. "Our Lips Are Sealed"
    18. "My Generation"
    19. "The Math"

    Tour dates

    Festivals and other miscellaneous performances
    A Malas.Pop Festival B Jingle Ball C Jingle Bell Bash D Winter Wonder Jam E America's Future Rocks Today—A Call to Service F Spring Break Stampede
    Cancellations and rescheduled shows

    Still Most Wanted Tour

    Still Most Wanted Tour is the third concert tour by American singer-songwriter Hilary Duff. The tour promoted her first greatest hits compilation, Most Wanted. Tour dates were canceled in Latin America. The tour was a success with the tour being sold out at over 80%.

    Set list

    1. "Wake Up"
    2. "The Getaway"
    3. "Do You Want Me?"
    4. "Underneath This Smile"
    5. "Come Clean"
    6. "Anywhere but Here"
    7. "Who's That Girl?"
    8. "Someone's Watching over Me"
    9. "Mr. James Dean"
    10. "Hide Away"
    11. "Beat of My Heart"
    12. "Cry"
    13. "I Am"
    14. "Party Up"
    15. "Fly"
    16. "Break My Heart"
    17. "Little Voice"
    18. "So Yesterday"
    19. "Rock This World"

    Tour dates

  • The January 28, 2006 show in St. John's at Mile One Stadium was canceled due to the weather.
  • The May 30, 2006 show in São Paulo, Brazil at Via Funchal was canceled due Duff's throat problems. Hilary played in the same city and in the same venue two years later with her Dignity Tour.
  • Dignity Tour

    Dignity Tour is the fourth concert tour by Hilary Duff. The tour is in support of her album Dignity. Tickets for most of the leg sold out prior to the show. The tour began in Los Angeles, California on July 28, 2007 and closed in Buffalo, New York at Darien Lakes Amphitheater on September 1, 2007

    Set list

    1. "Play With Fire"
    2. "Danger"
    3. "Come Clean"
    4. "The Getaway"
    5. "Dignity"
    6. "Gypsy Woman"
    7. "Someone's Watching Over Me"
    8. "Beat of My Heart"
    9. "Our Lips Are Sealed"
    10. "Why Not"
    11. "So Yesterday"
    12. "With Love"
    13. "Never Stop" (samples "Major Tom (Coming Home)").
    14. "Wake Up"
    15. "I Wish"
    16. "Love Is a Battlefield"
    17. "Outside of You"
    18. "Fly"
    19. "Happy"/"Between You And Me"/"No Work, All Play" (Duff sung one of these songs in every performance, but she never performed all three of them)
    20. "Dreamer"
    21. "Reach Out"
    22. "Stranger"

    Concert video

    Filming of the Dignity Tour took place on August 15 at Gibson Amphitheatre. In 2010, it was released exclusively on the U.S. iTunes Store. However, most likely due to copyright laws, the iTunes video does not include the performances of any cover songs including "Our Lips Are Sealed" and "Love Is A Battlefield". As a result, Never Stop was also edited out of the footage because it samples "Major Tom (Coming Home)".


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