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Hikmat Sulayman

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Monarch  Ghazi
Succeeded by  Jamil al-Midfai
Role  Political figure
Name  Hikmat Sulayman
Preceded by  Yasin al-Hashimi

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Political party  Party of National Brotherhood
Died  June 16, 1964, Baghdad, Iraq
Party  Party of National Brotherhood

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Hikmat Sulayman (1889 – 16 June 1964) (Arabic: حكمت سليمان‎‎) was prime minister of Iraq from October 30, 1936 to August 12, 1937 at the head of a Party of National Brotherhood government.

Sulayman, of Turkish origin, or possibe Iraqi Arab and Georgian descent. Some sources also note Chechen or Circassian ancestry. was a key figure in the early days of Iraqi independence and the effort to create a multi-ethnic state. He came to power in Bakr Sidqi's coup, the first that the country experienced. His position was confirmed by King Ghazi.

Together with Sidqi, Sulayman veered away from the pan-Arab nationalism of the preceding Iraqi governments. Together with Sidqi, he forged an alliance with Turkey and settled the border dispute with Iran, two countries he regarded as potential allies in the struggle against Arab nationalist sentiment. Nevertheless, he differed with Sidqi over the emphases of the new government, preferring to address social issues in the country, while Sidqi focused on military affairs and expanding Iraq's borders.

Sulayman was forced to resign following Sidqi's assassination in 1937.


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