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Highway to Hell (film)

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Language  English
6/10 IMDb

Director  Ate de Jong
Country  United States
Highway to Hell (film) movie poster
Release date  March 13, 1992 (1992-03-13) (US)
Tagline  If there's one thing worse than dying and going to Hell, it's not dying - and going to Hell.

Highway to hell 1991 trailer

Highway to Hell is a 1992 American horror comedy film directed by Ate de Jong and starring Chad Lowe, Kristy Swanson, Patrick Bergin, and Jarrett Lennon. It was written by Brian Helgeland. The film tells the story of Charlie Sykes (Lowe) and his girlfriend Rachel Clark (Swanson), who is kidnapped by a demon and taken to Hell to become one of Satans brides, while Charlie must travel to the other dimension to rescue her. The film features father and son actors Jerry and Ben Stiller.


Highway to Hell (film) movie scenes

Charlie and Rachel run away from home to get married in Las Vegas. But they get attacked by a zombie who takes Rachel with him to hell, where she will become one of Satan's brides


Highway to Hell (film) movie scenes

Charlie Sykes and Rachel Clark are a young all-American couple that decide to run away and elope in Las Vegas. On the road to Vegas, they ignore the warning of a local gas station attendant named Sam. They take an abandoned backroad where Rachel is kidnapped by a zombie Hell Cop who takes her to hell. Charlie goes back to Sam, and Sam explains what the Hellcop is and how to save her. Sam then gives Charlie a shotgun with special ammo and a car that holds a special attribute. On the highway, Charlie meets other dead people that live in Hell and even a motorcycle gang. On the road, he meets a mechanic named Beezle, with his young apprentice. Beezle gives him tips on how to save his girlfriend and even brings him back to life. After Charlie rescues Rachel, Beezle reveals himself to be Satan and proposes a deal to let them, and his apprentice, go free if they can defeat the Hell Cop in a race to the portal that connects Earth and the backroads of Hell.


  • Patrick Bergin as Beezle
  • Chad Lowe as Charlie Sykes
  • Kristy Swanson as Rachel Clark
  • Jarrett Lennon as Adam
  • Adam Storke as Royce
  • Pamela Gidley as Clara
  • C.J. Graham as Sgt. Bedlam, Hellcop
  • Richard Farnsworth as Sam
  • Lita Ford as The Hitchhiker
  • Gilbert Gottfried as Hitler
  • Anne Meara as Medea, Waitress in Plutos
  • Amy Stiller as Cleopatra
  • Ben Stiller as Plutos Cook/Attila
  • Jerry Stiller as The Desk Cop
  • Be Deckard as Dentist, Royces Gang
  • Michael Reid MacKay as Rachel Demon
  • Kevin Peter Hall as Charon
  • Production

    The film was shot in Phoenix, Arizona.


    Highway to Hell (film) movie scenes

    Hemdale shelved the film for a year before finally giving it a limited release. It was released to home video on August 21, 1992.


    Highway to Hell (film) movie scenes Highway s a pretty Trailer Terrors Highway to Hell 1991 Strange Kids Club 640x480 Movie index

    Kevin Thomas of the Los Angeles Times wrote, "Although ambitious, amusing and even romantic, replete with lots of striking sets and jazzy special effects, its humor is not sophisticated enough to attract the wide audiences of a Beetlejuice." Michael Dare of Billboard called it "smart, witty, and incredibly imaginative". TV Guide rated it 2/5 stars and wrote, "Highway to Hell is no masterpiece, but it is a genuine video find." Todd Rigney of Beyond Hollywood called it a "deliriously enjoyable satanic road trip" film that is "fun if you approach it in the right frame of mind". HorrorNews.Net called it "one of the greatest campy horror films to never arrive on DVD".

    Highway to Hell has since developed a cult following.


    Highway to Hell (film) Wikipedia
    Highway to Hell (film) IMDb Highway to Hell (film)

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