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Highly Strung Hannah

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Originally published  October 2012
Author  Robert Chantler
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Highly strung hannah series 6 episode 4 who s the daddy

Highly Strung Hannah is a British radio situation comedy written by Robert Chantler. It was broadcast on Radio Wey between July and August 2012.


The series centres on Hannah Spencer, who is seriously neurotic—phobic, superstitious, obsessive, clingy, and paranoid to name but a few traits. The only reason she manages to have a relatively normal home and work life is because her husband Tim and son Josh just keep quiet and let her eccentricities wash over them as much as possible. Although she frequently exasperates those around her, everyone loves her because she has a good heart and she means well.

Highly strung hannah series 7 episode 1 the elephant in the room


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