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Kingdom  Plantae
Tribe  Antidesmeae
Scientific name  Hieronyma
Order  Malpighiales
Family  Phyllanthaceae
Subtribe  Antidesminae
Rank  Genus
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Lower classifications  Hieronyma macrocarpa, Cedro macho, Hieronyma crassistipula, Hieronyma jamaicensis

Progres 2 planeta hieronyma bosche ii

Hieronyma is a genus belonging to the plant family Phyllanthaceae first described as a genus in 1848. This family was formerly united with spurges, crotons, copperleaves, etc. (Euphorbiaceae), but have turned out to be well distinct. The genus is native to South America, Central America, southern Mexico, and the West Indies.


The spelling Hieronyma has been conserved; the spellings Hieronima and Hyeronima are spelling variants of this name.

Hieronyma is used locally as a foodplant, e.g. by the Nukak of Guaviare Department in the Amazon natural region of Colombia. Several species are threatened by deforestation.


Progres 2 planeta hieronyma bosche ii


Hieronyma Wikipedia

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