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Kingdom  Animalia
Family  Hippopotamidae
Scientific name  Hexaprotodon
Rank  Genus
Class  Mammalia
Subfamily  Hippopotaminae
Phylum  Chordata
Order  Even-toed ungulate
Hexaprotodon httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonscc
Similar  Choeropsis, Pygmy hippopotamus, Even‑toed ungulate, Hippopotamuses, Equus sivalensis

Pygmy hippopotamus hexaprotodon liberiensis k busj ehobu

Hexaprotodon is a genus of Hippopotamidae that is sometimes applied to the pygmy hippopotamus. Pygmy hippos may be classified as either Choeropsis liberiensis or Hexaprotodon liberiensis. The name Hexaprotodon means "six front teeth" as some of the fossil forms have three pairs of incisors.


Hexaprotodon Hexaprotodon sivalensis by WillemSvdMerwe on DeviantArt

The genus Hexaprotodon also includes a number of rarely studied extinct species from Asia, sometimes labeled "Asian hippopotami."

  • Hexaprotodon bruneti Boisserie and White, 2004
  • Hexaprotodon crusafonti Aguirre, 1963
  • Hexaprotodon hipponensis (Gaudry, 1867)
  • Hexaprotodon imagunculus (Hopwood, 1926)
  • Hexaprotodon iravticus Falconer and Cautley, 1847
  • Hexaprotodon karumensis Coryndon, 1977
  • Hexaprotodon liberiensis?
  • Hexaprotodon mingoz Boisserie et al., 2003
  • Hexaprotodon namadicus Falconer and Cautley, 1847 - possibly same as H. palaeindicus´
  • Hexaprotodon palaeindicus Falconer and Cautley, 1847
  • Hexaprotodon pantanellii (Joleaud, 1920)
  • Hexaprotodon primaevus Crusafont et al., 1964
  • Hexaprotodon protamphibius (Arambourg, 1944)
  • Hexaprotodon siculus (Hooijer, 1946)
  • Hexaprotodon sinhaleyus (Deraniyagala)
  • Hexaprotodon sivajavanicus (Hooijer, 1950)
  • Hexaprotodon sivalensis Falconer and Cautley, 1836
  • Hexaprotodon sp. - Myanmar hippopotamus (fossil)

  • Hexaprotodon Photo Pygmy Hippopotamus Hexaprotodon liberiensis

    Pygmy hippo hipopotam kar owaty hexaprotodon liberiensis



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