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Kingdom  Fungi
Family  Physciaceae
Higher classification  Physciaceae
Order  Teloschistales
Division  Ascomycota
Scientific name  Heterodermia
Rank  Genus
Heterodermia CNALH Heterodermia albicans
Similar  Physciaceae, Anaptychia, Parmotrema, Pyxine, Physcia

Heterodermia albicans fungi kingdom

Heterodermia is a genus of lichenized fungi in the family Physciaceae. The genus has a widespread distribution, especially in tropical regions, and contains about 80 species.


Heterodermia CNALH Heterodermia leucomela

Heterodermia diademata fungi kingdom


Heterodermia CNALH Heterodermia hypoleuca
  • Heterodermia albicans
  • Heterodermia antillarum
  • Heterodermia appalachensis
  • Heterodermia archeri
  • Heterodermia casarettiana
  • Heterodermia chilensis
  • Heterodermia ciliatomarginata
  • Heterodermia comosa
  • Heterodermia crocea
  • Heterodermia diademata
  • Heterodermia echinata
  • Heterodermia erecta
  • Heterodermia erinacea
  • Heterodermia flabellata
  • Heterodermia galactophylla
  • Heterodermia granulifera
  • Heterodermia himalayensis
  • Heterodermia hybocarponica
  • Heterodermia isidiophora
  • Heterodermia japonica
  • Heterodermia kalbii
  • Heterodermia linearis
  • Heterodermia lutescens
  • Heterodermia microphylla
  • Heterodermia namaquana
  • Heterodermia neglecta
  • Heterodermia obscurata
  • Heterodermia paradoxa
  • Heterodermia podocarpa
  • Heterodermia pseudospeciosa
  • Heterodermia queenslandica
  • Heterodermia rugulosa
  • Heterodermia sitchensis
  • Heterodermia spathulifera
  • Heterodermia speciosa
  • Heterodermia squamulosa
  • Heterodermia subcitrina
  • Heterodermia subneglecta
  • Heterodermia tropica
  • Heterodermia verdonii

  • Heterodermia lichenHeterodermia speciosa Ohio Moss and Lichen Association
    Heterodermia CNALH Heterodermia obscurata
    Heterodermia Heterodermia speciosa
    Heterodermia httpsuploadwikimediaorgwikipediacommonsthu


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