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Kingdom  Animalia
Subfamily  Poeciliinae
Phylum  Chordata
Rank  Genus
Family  Poeciliidae
Scientific name  Heterandria
Higher classification  Livebearers
Order  Cyprinodontiformes
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Similar  Heterandria formosa, Poeciliidae, Girardinus, Limia, Cyprinodontiformes

How to breed heterandria formosa least killifish native livebearer

Heterandria is a genus of livebearing fishes within the family Poeciliidae. Most species occur in Guatemala and its surroundings, particularly Mexico, but the midget livebearer (H. formosa) comes from the southeastern United States.


Heterandria Heterandria formosa

Though many Poecilidae are familiar aquarium fishes, e.g. guppies, mollies, platys and swordtails, species within Heterandria are not commonly kept as fish. Somewhat more frequently found in aquaria is H. formosa, perhaps because it is one of the smallest known fish species in the world; its diminutive males are probably the smallest fish easy to keep as a pet. Species in this genus resemble egg-laying Cyprinodontoidei such as Fundulidae (topminnows) at first glance, and are thus sometimes called "killifish" though this is technically erroneous.

Heterandria Heterandria Wikipedia

Heterandria formosa wild caught and informational video


Heterandria Least Killifish Heterandria formosa FactSheet

FishBase currently recognize 10 species in this genus, but based on genetics, external characters, morphometrics and meristics H. formosa (the type species of the genus) is not closely related to the remaining, which should be moved to their own genus, Pseudoxiphophorus. There are probably more remaining undiscovered as these fishes are rather inconspicuous. However, it is not very likely that many species remain unknown to science as this is genus is only found in a rather restricted region, and only one new species has been discovered since 1980.

Heterandria Fishes of Texas Heterandria formosa
  • Heterandria anzuetoi D. E. Rosen & R. M. Bailey, 1979
  • Heterandria attenuata D. E. Rosen & R. M. Bailey, 1979
  • Heterandria bimaculata (Heckel, 1848) (Twospot livebearer)
  • Heterandria cataractae D. E. Rosen, 1979
  • Heterandria dirempta D. E. Rosen, 1979
  • Heterandria formosa Girard, 1859 (Dwarf livebearer, least killifish)
  • Heterandria jonesii (G√ľnther, 1874) (Barred livebearer, barred killifish)
  • Heterandria litoperas D. E. Rosen & R. M. Bailey, 1979
  • Heterandria obliqua D. E. Rosen, 1979
  • Heterandria tuxtlaensis McEachran & T. J. DeWitt, 2008

  • Heterandria barbie doll by heterandria by Monique Morphine WHI
    Heterandria Heterandria formosa


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