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Books  Performance Management, Applied Psychology in Human, Regression Analysis for Categoric, Performance Management - 2/e (New, 绩效管理

Meet the methodologist dr herman aguinis

Herman Aguinis (born March 1966) is a researcher and professor of Organizational Behavior and Human Resource Management. He is the Avram Tucker Distinguished Scholar and Professor of Management at the George Washington University School of Business in Washington, DC., and used to be the John F. Mee Chair of Management and the Founding Director of the Institute for Global Organizational Effectiveness in the Kelley School of Business at Indiana University.


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Herman Aguinis was born in Rio Cuarto, Argentina. He is the son of the Argentine author Marcos Aguinis. He attended high school at the Colegio Nacional de Buenos Aires before receiving a Bachelors’ and Master’s degree in clinical psychology from the University of Buenos Aires. Following his schooling in Argentina, he moved to the United States to study Industrial and Organizational Psychology, earning a Master’s and a PhD degree from the University at Albany, State University of New York in 1993.

Since receiving his doctorate, Herman Aguinis has served as a professor at the University of Colorado at Denver and Indiana University. In addition, he has also been a visiting scholar at universities across the world, including in Argentina, Australia, the People's Republic of China, France, Malaysia, Puerto Rico, Singapore, South Africa, and Spain.

His research, teaching, and consulting activities focus on human capital acquisition, development, and deployment, and research methods and analysis. He has published extensively on topics including corporate social responsibility, domestic and international diversity, staffing, training and development, performance management, and innovative research design, measurement, and analysis strategies, among others. Much of his recent and current research projects revisit “established facts” in the field of management. Also, his professional and life agenda is to affect the academic community, but also on society at large. For example, his research addresses the following questions and challenges:

• How to lead individuals and teams simultaneously within the context of changes in the nature of work • How to lead a diverse and global workforce • How to enhance organizational performance through human capital development • How to lead sustainable and responsible organizations to do good and do well • How to create new and actionable knowledge by integrating micro and macro theories and research domains • How to create new and actionable knowledge by integrating qualitative and quantitative methodological approaches and improving methodological knowledge and practices

Awards and distinction

  • Academy of Management Research Methods Division Distinguished Career Award (2012) for lifetime contributions
  • Academy of Management Practice Theme Committee Scholar Practice Impact Award (2015) recognizing an outstanding scholar who has affected policy making and managerial and organizational practices
  • Academy of Management Entrepreneurship Division IDEA Thought Leader Award (2011)
  • Academy of Management Research Methods Division Robert McDonald Advancement of Organizational Research Methodology Award (2015, 2009, and 2002)
  • He served as Editor-in-Chief of Organizational Research Methods (2005-2007) and associate editor of the American Psychological Association's Handbook of Industrial and Organizational Psychology .

    He is an associate editor of the Annual Review of Organizational Psychology and Organizational Behavior and President of the Iberoamerican Academy of Management.

    His research has placed him as one of the most influential contemporary management professors in the world.

    He is a fellow of the American Psychological Association, the Academy of Management, the Society for Industrial and Organizational Psychology, and the Association for Psychological Science.

    Selected publications

    Herman Aguinis is the author of several published books and well over 130 peer-reviewed articles. His work has received about 12,000 Google Scholar citations.


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  • Journal articles

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