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Kingdom  Animalia
Order  Testudines
Superfamily  Testudinoidea
Scientific name  Heosemys
Rank  Genus
Phylum  Chordata
Suborder  Cryptodira
Family  Geoemydidae
Higher classification  Geoemydidae
Heosemys httpssmediacacheak0pinimgcomoriginals1b
Lower classifications  Spiny turtle, Giant Asian pond turtle, Arakan forest turtle, Yellow‑headed temple turtle

Reptile pets spiny turtles heosemys spinosa

Heosemys is a genus of freshwater turtles ("terrapins" in British English) in the family Geoemydidae (formerly called Bataguridae). The genus Heosemys was split out of the related genus Geoemyda by McDowell in 1964.


Heosemys Heosemys spinosa The Reptile Database

Heosemys spinosa


Four species are placed under Heosemys:

Heosemys Heosemys annandalii The Reptile Database
  • Arakan forest turtle (Boulenger, 1903), H. depressa
  • Giant Asian pond turtle (Gray, 1860), H. grandis
  • Spiny turtle (Gray, 1831), H. spinosa
  • Yellow-headed temple turtle (Anderson, 1875), H. annandalii

  • Heosemys Heosemys grandis CITES

    Some other species, initially placed here also, are now in different genera. The Sulawesi forest turtle is now classified under Leucocephalon, the Philippine forest turtle under Siebenrockiella, and the Cochin Forest cane turtle under Vijayachelys.

    Heosemys Heosemys spinosa Gallery theTurtleRoomtheTurtleRoom
    Heosemys Heosemys Gallery
    Heosemys Heosemys Gallery


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