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Henry of Stolberg

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Spouse(s)  Elisabeth of Gleichen
Noble family  House of Stolberg

Name  Henry Stolberg
Died  November 12, 1572
Father  Bodo VIII, Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode
Mother  Anna of Eppstein-Konigstein
Born  2 January 1509Stolberg Castle in Stolberg (1509-01-02)
Children  Bodo VII, Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode, Anna III, Abbess of Quedlinburg
Parents  Anna of Eppstein-Konigstein, Bodo VIII, Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode
Grandchildren  Heinrich der Altere zu Stolberg
Grandparents  Heinrich der Altere zu Stolberg
Great-grandparents  Bodo VII, Count of Stolberg-Wernigerode
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Count Henry of Stolberg (2 January 1509 at Stolberg Castle in Stolberg – 12 November 1572 at Stolberg Castle) was a German nobleman.



Henry was the fourth son of the ruling Count Bodo VIII and his wife Countess Anna of Eppstein-Königstein. His eldest sister was Juliana of Stolberg, the ancestress of the House of Orange-Nassau. His was named after his uncle, Count Henry the Younger of Stolberg, whose body was transferred from Cologne to Stolberg the day after Henry was born.

Henry was educated for several years at the court of his maternal grandfather, Count Eberhard of Eppstein. One of his teachers was the famous humanist dr. Johann Caesarius from Cologne.

From November 1525, Henry studied at the University of Leipzig, where his advisor was Tilemann Plathner. His father managed to reserve posts as Dean for him in Cologne and Mainz. In 1538, a post as Dean in Halberstadt fell vacant. Henry moved to Halberstadt and began to furnish a manor in Dardesheim for himself.

In 1542, he was appointed Cathedral Dean in Cologne, after the death of his predecessor, Frederick of Beichlingen. Back to Cologne, he learned that the new Archbishop, Hermann of Wied had converted to Protestantism. Henry also converted to Protestantism and together they started spreading the new faith. The Pope then removed them both from office.

Marriage and issue

On 3 November 1556 in Quedlinburg, Henry married Elisabeth (d. 1578), a daughter of Count Hector I of Gleichen. They had four children:

  • Bodo (1559-1483), inherited Stolberg-Wernigerode
  • George Louis (1562-1618), inherited Stolberg-Ortenburg
  • Anna (1565-1601), abbess of Quedlinburg as Anna III
  • Christopher (1567-1638), inherited Stolberg-Wernigerode after Bodo's death
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