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Henley Beach railway line

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Opened  1894
Line length  15.3 km (9.5 mi)
13.2  Grange (old)
Closed  1957
13.0  Grange (current)
Locale  Adelaide
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Number of tracks  Double track to Woodville Single track to Grange Closed from Grange (formerly single track to Henley Beach)
Terminis  Henley Beach railway station, Adelaide railway station

The Henley Beach railway line is a defunct railway in western Adelaide. The line opened on 5 February 1894 as an extension of the Grange line. The line serviced five stations: Grange (Old), Kirkcaldy, Marlborough Street, Henley Beach Jetty Road, and Henley Beach. The line closed on 31 August 1957 due to the track being close to public roads with no fencing between. The line was cut back to the now defunct original Grange station, which was cut even further back to the current Grange station in the 1986 by removal of tracks across Military Road and infrastructure from the original platform. The unused platform still remains on the side of the road.


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