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Heng Fa Chuen Station

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Chinese  杏花邨
Hanyu Pinyin  Xìnghuācūn
Jyutping  hang6 faa1 cyun1
Literal meaning  Almond Flower Estate
Yale Romanization  hang6 fa1 chyun1
Heng Fa Chuen Station
Location  Shing Tai Road, Hang Fa Chuen, Chai Wan Eastern District, Hong Kong

Heng Fa Chuen (Chinese: 杏花邨) is a station on the Hong Kong MTR Island Line. It is the only station on the line that is at ground level. The MTR depot for the Island Line, the Chai Wan Depot, is located northeast to the station. The station is located in the heart of the Heng Fa Chuen housing development. The livery of the station is orange-red. Automatic platform gates were installed in this station in April 2011. It is one of three Island Line stations that have opposing side platforms, as opposed to island platforms or side platforms on different levels of a station. (The others are Sheung Wan Station and Kennedy Town Station.)


Before the opening of the Tseung Kwan O Line, Heng Fa Chuen Station was the easternmost railway station in Hong Kong. It remains the easternmost station on Hong Kong Island.


Before opening on May 31, 1985, names proposed for this station included North Chai Wan (北柴灣站), Agonar or A Kung Ngam (阿公岩站), Chai Wan Quay (柴灣碼頭站), and Pak Sha Wan (白沙灣站). It was after the opening of phase one (of the Heng Fa Chuen development) that prompted the MTR to change the name to Heng Fa Chuen. This station was primarily used by construction workers in the early 1980s, during the construction of Heng Fa Chuen.

Station layout

Both platforms 1 and 2 are located on ground level, with the rails running through the middle of the station. There is a wall with holes cut into it, separating the two tracks. Advertisements are displayed on this wall.


  • Circle K Mini-store
  • Hang Seng Bank ATMs
  • Maxim's Cakes
  • A Bank of China (Hong Kong) ATM
  • A vending machine (Swire Coca-Cola)
  • Entrances/exits

  • A1: Paradise Mall (West)
  • A2: Paradise Mall (East)
  • Bus routes

    To Siu Sai Wan & Braemar Hill

  • 85
  • To Sham Shui Po in the morning, Siu Sai Wan in the evening

  • 118P
  • To Wan Chai Ferry Pier

  • 8, N8
  • Minibus routes

    To Cheerful Garden

  • 62 (Exit A2)
  • To Island Resort

  • 62A (Exit A2)
  • References

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